Top Ten New Cosplays I’d Love to see this Convention Season

Cons happen year round in these parts, but fall is the season that all of my favorite ones come around. Anime Festival Orlando in my area, as well as Shadocon and Metrocon in the neighboring city of Tampa are my three favorite cons of the year. As such, I have my hopes set on seeing certain cosplays from games or anime that I have played since last year. I’m not much of a cosplayer myself. I prefer to skulk around and see what everyone else with more talent has crafted. I spend my time making AMV’s or writing for this blog, which is perfectly suitable for myself, but I absolutely adore and respect the cosplay world. Here’s to you guys and girls, and the teb cosplays I’m dying to see! (In a slight order of dramatic build up.)



10. Chaika (Chaika: The Coffin Princess)

She would be a delight to see in person because her unique way of talking would be rather humorous to hear in real life. Not to mention the absurdity of actually seeing a Coffin on your back. I wonder if a Coffin could even pass Convention equipment inspection?

Ideal Picture: Me in the coffin.

9. Toka Kirashima (Tokyo Ghoul)

Okay, I’m an obvious otaku, and I always have an anime crush. Right now, it’s this girl. NOT because of her demon eye, even though the art style behind this anime is gorgeous. This one is a long shot since the anime only started airing not even a week ago, but hopefully the last con of the year has a greater chance!

Ideal Picture: Her shoving a severed limb in my mouth.

8. Red (Transistor)

This downloadable game is packed with style, and the coolest looking character is the main heroine, Red, complete with her talking sword. It would be a rather difficult cosplay, but I always like fresh designs of characters with swords.

Ideal Picture: Me stealing her best friend, the talking sword.

7. Faraam (Dark Souls 2)

Dark Souls 2 is full of cool armor sets, the armor that best represents the game is this set of shining silver/cool teal combination of steel and cloth. I’ll take literally anything from dark souls 2 though.

Ideal Picture: They Praise the Sun while I Beg for Mercy.

6. Tsubaki Yayoi (Blazblue Chronophantasma)

This one is kind of cheating because Tsubaki was playable in an older blazblue game. The difference is that I, myself, have never played as her until recently, and she quickly became my favorite character. She’s new to me, and if I happened to have seen her cosplay before, I wouldn’t have appreciated it near as much as I would now.

Ideal Picture: Me reading her book while she waits impatiently.

5. Death Stare Luigi (Mario Kart 8)

I saw someone do this on the internet as I was coming up with the rough draft to this list. I decided to make haste and write it up now rather than later this week before I end up seeing more of my list before I post it. I still won’t take it off because I didn’t see it in person. It’s a meme, from a video game, and it’s funny as hell to see.

Ideal Picture: Luigi burning a hole into my soul with his ferocious gaze.

4. Kiora (Magic: The Gathering)

Kiora is my favorite recent planeswalker in magic. Her cosplay would be incredibly challenging, but would simply look incredible even if it’s not exactly the same. Anyone who even tries will gain my admiration because there aren’t enough Magic cosplayers in the world as it is.

Ideal Picture: As long as I don’t have to go in the water…okay, screw it I will.

3. Tet (No Game No Life)

I’m expecting to see Sora and Shiro all over the place, because of how popular this anime is, but what I personally want to see is the God of the gaming world him/herself, Tet. The fun-loving, clever deity is easily my favorite character in that anime.

Ideal Picture: Playing chess. I’m bringing a chess board just for this.

2. Dark Gon (Hunter X Hunter)

Please, someone, anyone, actually try this ridiculous form of Gon. It was one of my favorite moments in all of anime, and anyone who can actually get their hair even half as high as his has my respect forever.

Ideal Picture: Me wearing a bald cap, glaring enviously at him.

1. The Bender Villains (Legend of Korra)

It’s going to take more than a single person with one cosplay to top this list. What I want to see more than anything is a group of four take on the amazing new villains from the latest season of Korra. Even with the small screen time they’ve had so far, (There isn’t even a decent look at the fourth villain yet) they are already some of the coolest villains I’ve seen in a cartoon. Bring them to life for me you avid cosplayers!!

Ideal Picture: Just…all attack me at once, and hope for a good picture before I get hospitalized.


That’s all of them. There are plenty others that will surprise me because I never would have thought of them, or others that I didn’t think would look great, but actually do in real life. Cosplayers are truly an inventive bunch and I know that even without seeing anything on this list, I’m still going to love everything I see. Thank you for reading, to those that did, and I hope you look forward to my next blog! The first con is this weekend, and I’ll be back with photos!!


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