Final Fantasy XV: Hype and Hate

There’s an incessant, and unrelenting amount of expression, transitioning to an entirely negative state, being unleashed upon Final Fantasy XV right now. After a presentation, coupled with a trailer, left gamers with less content than they expected to be exposed to resulting in one of the most unprecedented backlashes against the game since before it’s reintroduction as Final Fantasy XV, I felt I needed to step into the conversational chaos as well. I think it’s safe to say that what we were shown was unexpected, but I think those clamoring that the ship has now sunk are speaking much to early, and most importantly, forgetting what we have lying in front of us as evidence to the contrary. Continue reading

Cosplay Wishlist Countdown – 2015

It’s con season with my three favorite local conventions coming around the bend much faster than I had anticipated. While I’m not much of a cosplayer, I will be attempting to make one, but if I don’t have it in time, it’s no big deal. I prefer, over anything, just darting around and taking pictures of the people who dedicate their lives to this stuff. I’m an appreciator, much more than a practitioner.

Last summer I made a countdown of what new cosplays I’d like to see the most at the conventions I go to throughout the year. It has pretty much been a year, since then, and sadly, out of the ten I posted, I have only seen two. I hope this year bears more fruitful results.

So what makes this wishlist? Basically, I form this list around new cosplays. Characters who have been introduced into my life within the last year, but if there are some from before that timeframe that I’m still just burning to see, I’ll throw them onto the list as well. This time, if I ever come across somebody who actually cosplays something from this list, I would dearly love to feature them. I’ve been meaning to interview more cosplayers and get a bit more of that type of stuff to beef up my blog. Anyways, you all have cosplays to work on, so let’s get into it! Continue reading

Top Ten New Cosplays I’d Love to see this Convention Season

Cons happen year round in these parts, but fall is the season that all of my favorite ones come around. Anime Festival Orlando in my area, as well as Shadocon and Metrocon in the neighboring city of Tampa are my three favorite cons of the year. As such, I have my hopes set on seeing certain cosplays from games or anime that I have played since last year. I’m not much of a cosplayer myself. I prefer to skulk around and see what everyone else with more talent has crafted. I spend my time making AMV’s or writing for this blog, which is perfectly suitable for myself, but I absolutely adore and respect the cosplay world. Here’s to you guys and girls, and the teb cosplays I’m dying to see! (In a slight order of dramatic build up.) Continue reading

E3 2014 in Review

The spectacle that has been bursting with gaming news all week is finally at an end. It’s almost impossible to stay on top of all the announcements as the days goes by, but in the end, one can at least gain a sense of what truly ruled the show, and what fell by the wayside. This article is split into two parts. One is to scold or praise the five companies that had a press conference of sorts. Second is a countdown of the ten games that either stole the show, deserve attention, or just simply look superb at their current stage of development.  Indie games that shined brighter than multi-million dollar budget blockbusters proved that truly anyone and anything can be a star if the game simply looks good. People ask for new IP’s but continually beg for sequels as well. In this industry of trying to please people who can’t even fathom their own true desires of what they want as gamers, allow me to try to shine a spotlight on my own confusing wants as a gamer, and what particularly excited me during this once-a-year celebration!

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My 10 Favorite Relationships in Anime and Games.

Normally, I like to write a list that simply shows characters I would date in honor of Valentine’s day. Well this time I want to celebrate the actual relationships that happen (or almost happen) in anime and video games. I have certain friends that are currently in beautiful relationships, and it’s a very inspiring thing to be around. It’s utterly contagious, and I usually deal with my lack of a relationship by busying and immersing myself into my own nerdom. Well, I found that even amongst the games and anime I take solace in, there are relationships that have given me a great deal of hope about my own romantic life. These are relationships that empower me and motivate me. The kind that make me want to pick up my phone and call the girl I care about most and experience the same thing I just saw or played. I’m ranking them in order of my personal favorites, but all of these are worth looking into if you’re a fan of any type of romance.

*I tried really hard to write this one without spoilers, but it was impossible. So much of what makes these romances so strong involves some of the most climactic moments of their respective anime or game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10. Ginko and Tanyu (Mushishi)

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Valkyria Chronicles – My Favorite JRPG since Final Fantasy X.

I excitedly gush to people about this game every time this subject comes up. I happily purchase this game for someone for Christmas almost every year. I let anyone near me borrow it just to experience this wondrous game. Yet…none of my friends have played it yet. I am at an absurdly long-standing wall of disconnection about my favorite JRPG in ages because I have no one to talk to about it. Therefore, I’m turning to the constantly shifting populous of the anonymous users of the internet and hoping that this blog will reach someone who has played it, or will play it as a result of reading this. Valkyria Chronicles is criminally overlooked and deserves time in any RPG player’s lifestyle. Continue reading