Winter 2015 Anime – Final Review

Stunning flowers awaken across the landscape, spreading their god-awful pollen, resulting in a severe case of allergies. Yeah I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. Winter is over and this means another selection of anime are coming to an end and it’s time to put these ducks in a row. How was Death Parade after making a splash with it’s original premise? Was Parasyte able to keep up it’s stellar writing all the way through? Is Kuroko’s Basketball still the hype-fest that it used to be? Read on to find out my final thoughts on each of the anime I was following this season!

*Note: I will be adding Assassination Classroom to this blog after the 12th episode airs, since it was delayed a week due to a hiatus in Japan. Continue reading


Winter 2015 Anime – Week 7 Impressions

This week marks the pivotal turning point in many of my followed anime. Whether that’s a change in style, the way the story is developing, or a revelation that redirects the plot completely, I feel like this week had the most surprises. Kuroko’s newest game started in a completely different manner than the previous games. Death Parade DIDN’T have a death game this week. Aldnoah’s villain is finally revealed…kinda. There were also a couple disappointments this week, but nothing that caused me to drop anything. But I really am going to rip into Tokyo Ghoul. Just saying. So let’s begin with that actually, and work our way up to the best of this week!

Note: I’m behind on Nanatsu no Taizai because my preferred fansubber, Chyuu, is missing in action for that anime. If Chyuu doesn’t return by next week, I’ll jump ship to another subber. So sorry! No Nanatsu coverage this week! Continue reading

Winter 2015 Anime – Midseason Impressions

We’re halfway there. 6 episodes, on average, into the winter season and I’ve pretty much come to this solid list that I will for sure be continuing until the end of the season. There were overall improvement across most of the anime I follow which makes me a very happy camper this week. The worst episode among them all was only a minor disappointment, and the rest of them were perfectly enjoyable. Death Parade continues to expand it’s range of tones giving us the funniest episode yet. Your Lie in April is back into it’s prime. Continue reading

Winter 2015 Anime – Week 4 Impressions

One third of the season is officially behind us. At this point, I should be fairly confident in which anime I’m following, but there are a couple that caused me mixed enjoyment this week. Tokyo Ghoul is starting to lose it’s psychological edge in favor of shounenanigans. Death Parade had it’s first episode that felt just a tad repetitive. That being said, one disappointing episode will never change my opinion of the whole series, but it does always cause me to have concern for the future.

Anyways, there was also plenty of enjoyment this week. Durarara’s latest episode was absolutely, and delightfully ludicrous, and Yona of the Dawn is still on it’s valiant climb towards being a respectable anime. Why, even Log Horizon appears to finally be ready to stop dawdling and get on with it’s story. From worst to best, like always. Continue reading

Winter 2015 Anime – Premiere Impressions (+ Week 2)

Oh no, I’m late!!  Sorry folks. I’ve been excited to write about this season but with a Magic pre-release last weekend and a fiasco involving my car getting towed, my time was stretched too thin. So here I am at the tail end of week 2, which should actually give me a bit more depth and room to explore each anime than a blog covering a single week. So we’re in anime “off-season” now, which typically means the number of great anime dials back by a considerable amount. Spring and Fall are usually the two big ones, with less anime peppered between them to create our Summer and Winter lineups. This time, however, we have several continuing anime as well as a breakthrough original anime that could single-handedly make this season something to remember. Let’s get started, from worst to best as always! Continue reading