Fall 2014 Anime – Final Review

Fall has proven to be the biggest season of the year for anime, and this year has definitely kept up that prestige and ridiculous amount of quality. Several anime returned to do bigger and better things while new anime defied expectations across the board. Who would have known that an anime based on a card game would be so entertaining with Shingeki no Bahamut? How many doubters of Sword Art Online were forced to eat their own words as we were treated to the most emotional story in the series so far? Just HOW GOOD can Ufotable’s animations get with their remake of Fate/Stay Night?! Finally, this season proved that it doesn’t matter how old and obscure a source material is when it comes to anime. Mushishi and Parasyte have proven that it can turn old into new and hang with the flashiest of anime out there.

Now that this season is at an end, it’s time to reflect on what anime truly offered something this time around. I watched more anime this season than any before, and though I dropped a few of them, I came away completely impressed. Fortunately several of the better anime are continuing their run into next season as well! I won’t be mentioning the anime I dropped in this post because, frankly, I have a lot of better anime to talk about, and more blogs to write to celebrate the end of the year. So let’s start with what barely scraped by and end with the cream of the crop of Fall 2014!

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Fall 2014 Anime – Premiere Impressions

It’s time to wipe the palette clean and begin an anime season anew! This season is undeniably massive, but the seemingly impossible amount of anime I wanted to watch turned out to give me something to look forward to every single day this past week. As the leaves fade to red outside my wall-scroll covered window, my TV is now displaying the triumphant return of several of my favorite anime. One of which, at time of writing, has yet to air, which is Mushishi. Saving the best for last, are we Japan? On top of this, a delightful mix of new anime kept me on my toes and I came away with a much more satisfactory percentage of great anime compared to the few previous seasons. Let me just tell you, I have watched over twenty different first episodes and am merely one tired morning away from having them all blend together, so before my mind spoils and turns into anime stew, let’s run down the impressive Fall 2014 anime lineup. The ones that hurt my brain are up first, then I’ll move on to the juiciest of the bunch. I pray I can type this all out in one sitting. Let’s do this. Continue reading

Fall 2014 Anime – What I’m Watching

I was surprised the first time I ended up with a list of ten anime to watch in one season. It was such a high number that I felt like it’d be impossible to handle anymore. Well let me just say that I was either very naive, or that I have indeed strutted into the world of impossibility because the number of anime I’m watching this season is a new record for me. This season looks to be incredible, to say the least, and I am here to simply point out the anime that seem to make me think this way. Of course, I imagine I’ll be dropping half of the anime I watch after one or two episodes because not every promising anime ends up delivering. However, there is probably an equal number of anime that I will end up starting later once word of mouth reaches me about anime I didn’t even consider winding up being something worth watching. So without further ado, here is the biggest preview list I’ve ever written for anime. And of course, they are in order of my hard to contain anticipation. Continue reading