Nonlinear Emotion – Steins;Gate AMV

This is the AMV I made about a year ago! It won best in show at Metrocon! I’ll be starting a new one in time for this year’s Metrocon now that my top 50 blog is out of the way.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Epic Fan Trailer – AMV


At the last con I went to, I sat through an AMV contest purely as a guest. I didn’t have an entry, which made me feel oddly left out. As soon as I got home, I began work on a new AMV to be able to enter for the rest of the cons I go to throughout the next year. This AMV is another of my “epic fan trailer” series which goes for a dramatic movie trailer style to portray the series. I spent about two weeks on it, and feel like I have improved. However, after watching some of my favorite AMV’s again immediately after finishing this one, I realize I also have a long way to go to be on the level of an AMV veteran. This is but one more step towards reaching that, and I hope it’s good enough to at least win some local awards, or please hardcore fans of the series! Please take a look, and thank you for your time, if you do!


My Fate/Zero AMV

This is my second attempt at an AMV! I was very happy that I won “Best Action” at the con that I submitted it to! I love how the choir sounds in the song, and I thought it had the right mix of haunting and epic, similar to the tone of the anime itelf. I still need to work on my text transitions, but I hope it’s enjoyable none the less!