E3 2014 in Review

The spectacle that has been bursting with gaming news all week is finally at an end. It’s almost impossible to stay on top of all the announcements as the days goes by, but in the end, one can at least gain a sense of what truly ruled the show, and what fell by the wayside. This article is split into two parts. One is to scold or praise the five companies that had a press conference of sorts. Second is a countdown of the ten games that either stole the show, deserve attention, or just simply look superb at their current stage of development.  Indie games that shined brighter than multi-million dollar budget blockbusters proved that truly anyone and anything can be a star if the game simply looks good. People ask for new IP’s but continually beg for sequels as well. In this industry of trying to please people who can’t even fathom their own true desires of what they want as gamers, allow me to try to shine a spotlight on my own confusing wants as a gamer, and what particularly excited me during this once-a-year celebration!

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