Summer 2015 Anime – Final Review

Summer is over, marked by a rather appropriately timed lunar eclipse to beckon the coming of another season. The tides swell yet again bringing another selection of anime from overseas to a halt. This summer was a bit of a different writing schedule for me, or more like, basically there was a lot less of it, but a lot more behind the scenes. Keeping up a weekly blog makes some more ambitious projects fall by the wayside so for the foreseeable future I will only be dropping seasonal updates every month or so. The idea of a premiere, midseason, and finale blog seems to be the slowest I’ll get these things up.

This season proved that a summer drought is just a figure of speech, because there was plenty to entertain everyone including anime I’ve heard good things about but didn’t think to try. That might be the word of the season: Entertaining. Nothing really struck on a profound art-form level, but there was all sorts of completely enjoyable treats to choose from.

So with the last breaths of summer air in my lungs, here are my final thoughts on the anime I watched this season. A lot of good stuff, with something cracking my top 50 which always means the season wasn’t a waste. Let’s start from worst to best, yes? Continue reading

Summer 2015 Anime – Midseason Impressions

I think it’s clear. Summer is the hardest season for me to stay caught up in. What with bountiful hours of work, my time to reflect on my hobbies is pretty much cut into just time to enjoy my hobbies. However, the time has come for me to finally say what I’ve been wanting to say for weeks now on this season’s anime since their premieres. Some have lived up to the initial expectations, others have left me dumbfounded, and one had such a dramatic turn of events that it had the anime community on it’s feet in discussion. There have been some drops, however, there have also been some additions so this list will look different from the premiere line up! I’m only following what I enjoy at this point! So with my anime nearly caught up, Final Fantasy XIV playing in the background, and nice cup of hot tea…let’s get right into it. Continue reading

Summer 2015 – Premiere Impressions

Here we are. Summer. The anime drought. Wait…why do we have so much good anime to talk about then? We don’t even get to breathe before the mega-packed fall season hits because this summer season has come packing with it’s own anime heavyweights. Chief among them, the return of Dragon Ball, which is quite possibly the biggest resurrection in anime history. So? Should I just start with Dragonball then? Nah, let’s get the stuff I tried and slightly regretted out of the way first! Actually, this is the first season where I haven’t dropped anything I watched from the very first episode. So without further ado, from worst to least, here are this season’s anime that I have mettled in so far! Continue reading