Anime Fan Art – March 2016

Hello folks. I do intend for these to be in the first week of each month, but it was my birthday yesterday. Upon aging another year, I took a breather for a few days! I’m not old yet, reaching the lofty heights of 26, but I definitely feel the extremely early signs of becoming senile. Anyways, here’s the March edition of Anime Fan Art which will basically encompass everything I came across throughout February. For those stopping by for the first time, I get this art from Zerochan where I subscribe to every anime I like. Whenever a new season ends I subscribe to the ones that pleased me which just constantly expands the amount of fan art I see every day. Here’s my personal favorites for your easy perusal. If you want to see more I highly implore you join Zerochan or another like-minded website! Click the image for the full size and there is a link to that artist’s profile in each caption! Continue reading

Fantasy Art – February 2016

Just like my last post with anime fan art, I also follow way too many people on Deviant Art. Most of them tend to fall under “fantasy” but there may be some occasional outliers. So I will also be posting this blog regularly as well so that the anime and fantasy art just never stops coming! Now you can see all the wonderful stuff for yourself and maybe go give them a follow! Click on the image for the full size and each caption will have a link to the artist page. Continue reading

Anime Fan Art – February 2016

I follow Zerochan, an anime art community, quite religiously and I have always wanted to share the artwork I come across. I thought that because others may love anime fan art but don’t have the time to meticulously scour Zerochan’s vaults like I do they would at least like to see what fan art is really worth looking at. So this is a new series I will be posting regularly. Just click on the image to get the full size version and a link to the artist’s page is in each caption. I hope this satisfies some of the art appreciators among my followers.

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My Top 60 Fantasy Artists (Part 3 of 4)

I hope you’re accustomed to the constant barrage of artistic stimulation because we’re finally nearing the final steps, and you are in for a massive treat.  This time there are only ten artists featured on this page because as their quality increases, so too does the number of pieces of art used to represent them.  I can describe what follows in no other way besides a splendid visual feast to send your eyes to a blissful oblivion… Continue reading

My Top 60 Fantasy Artists (Part 1 of 4)

I’ve whittled away countless hours of my life dauntlessly searching for any artwork that pleases my seemingly insatiable hunger for visual fidelity.  It has now come to a point where I believe I have a strong preference of which artists appeal to me more than most and will therefore give you some insight into the fantasy art world by crafting this list for you to peruse and enjoy.  I come across most art pieces from three main sources. The biggest one is, the social artwork website. It remains one of my most frequented websites and I have thousands of pieces of art downloaded from that place alone. Second to that is Magic: The Gathering, a fantasy card game.  The producers (Wizards of the Coast) are known to hire the best fantasy artists in the world create wonderful illustrations for their cards. The final source is the massive industry of video game art.  Concept artists are people I follow all the time and you’ll see a few of them on this list as well.

I initially began this thinking I would shoot for a top twenty, believing that it would be tough to find that many different artists with enough variety or unique talent to offer.  It didn’t take long to realize that twenty didn’t even leave enough breathing room for the sheer amount of talented artists I wanted to include. These are not only my top twenty, but my top sixty fantasy artists, whether on Deviant Art or in the professional industry, that have graced me with their finely drawn or painted imagination. For the thrill of suspense, I’m starting from 60 and working my way up to number one. There will be a total of four parts! Now then, prepare your eyes… Continue reading