Summer 2015 Anime – Final Review

Summer is over, marked by a rather appropriately timed lunar eclipse to beckon the coming of another season. The tides swell yet again bringing another selection of anime from overseas to a halt. This summer was a bit of a different writing schedule for me, or more like, basically there was a lot less of it, but a lot more behind the scenes. Keeping up a weekly blog makes some more ambitious projects fall by the wayside so for the foreseeable future I will only be dropping seasonal updates every month or so. The idea of a premiere, midseason, and finale blog seems to be the slowest I’ll get these things up.

This season proved that a summer drought is just a figure of speech, because there was plenty to entertain everyone including anime I’ve heard good things about but didn’t think to try. That might be the word of the season: Entertaining. Nothing really struck on a profound art-form level, but there was all sorts of completely enjoyable treats to choose from.

So with the last breaths of summer air in my lungs, here are my final thoughts on the anime I watched this season. A lot of good stuff, with something cracking my top 50 which always means the season wasn’t a waste. Let’s start from worst to best, yes? Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Final Review

Another terrific season of anime has just wrapped up, with one of my favorite anime of all time finally reaching it’s conclusion. This was a season full of unexpected quality. Danmachi proved to be about much more than girls in dungeons. Snafu became a recent favorite of mine after marathoning the first season just to see what the fuss was about. And Food Wars has been able to make a stand as an actual good anime without the shock value of foodgasms. Let’s line them all up. From worst to best! Continue reading

Winter 2015 Anime – Final Review

Stunning flowers awaken across the landscape, spreading their god-awful pollen, resulting in a severe case of allergies. Yeah I have a love/hate relationship with Spring. Winter is over and this means another selection of anime are coming to an end and it’s time to put these ducks in a row. How was Death Parade after making a splash with it’s original premise? Was Parasyte able to keep up it’s stellar writing all the way through? Is Kuroko’s Basketball still the hype-fest that it used to be? Read on to find out my final thoughts on each of the anime I was following this season!

*Note: I will be adding Assassination Classroom to this blog after the 12th episode airs, since it was delayed a week due to a hiatus in Japan. Continue reading

Anime Movie Marathon Complete! – 14 Movies!

What a fantastic month I have had thanks to the vast amount of wonderful movies I had the privilege to watch. This marathon was one I was particularly excited for because I hadn’t seen many anime movies prior to this. I wanted to knock out an equal amount of famous classics and critical gems to get a pretty good sense of what the anime community thinks are true quality movies. Needless to say, I liked every single one of these films. This marathon was 100% satisfying and entertaining, but some definitely outperformed others in my personal opinion. Here I will list them in order of my favorites leading up to the one I enjoyed the most. Along with them will be a miniature review of sorts to state my general opinion. And yes…there are tons of Madoka pictures. Continue reading