Their Own Planet Earth

Art by Cyril Rolando

Two forces have now united, sharing one beautiful vision.

Each of them are now stronger for their decision.

They wield a passion that breaks free of traditional boundaries and limits.

They act to better the world, to the benefit of everyone in it. Continue reading

Within These Wings (Poem)

(Art credit goes to Jungshan)

I tried something a bit different this time. I always find a picture that represents the overall vision in my head whenever I finish writing a poem, but I used to always just have the picture next to it, above it, etc. I figured I’d see what it’s like to insert the poem right onto the art. This is going to be for a friend of mine for her birthday. I doubt it’s worthy of her wall, but I hope she appreciates it at the very least. If you want just the text I’ll post it below. Continue reading