Why do I Love Sad and Dark Anime?

I’m often playfully teased as being the guy that loves dark stories and tragic characters in my anime. I always say that if an anime can make me cry, I’m guaranteed to like it. This is most commonly associated with the interest I have in characters who suffer with tragic back stories or worlds that are bleak and desolate. I find myself elated whenever an anime makes me cry, and trying to express the reason why was actually a bit more complicated than I thought. This blog delves into my mind and explores why I, and possibly other otaku out there, enjoy depressing or grim anime. Continue reading

Uncle Iroh, a fictional character giving me real inspiration.

I have fallen down, and it’s proving harder to get up than it ever has been. In this walk of life, I have taken the greatest misstep, and I have felt utterly defeated for these last few months. I am going to jail tomorrow morning for Theft. I am a criminal, and I feel like one. I feel inadequate as a human being and find it hard to feel “worth” anyone’s time or attention. The guilt has been so paramount and at the forefront of my mind that I have had more nightmares in these last few weeks than the rest of my life combined. I feel like I have spoiled my career, and that this is going to hold me back mentally and socially for the rest of my life. I have lost my pride, but Uncle Iroh has helped lead this sorry fool into a light I thought I’d never see again.   Continue reading