There was a moment when I noticed that the maturity of cartoons had long surpassed the maturity of those who belittle them. I think that was the moment when cartoons became real to me.

Hello, there. I’m Jason. Allow me to describe myself, and my little hovel in the internet-scape.

I Think Too Much, Therefore I Write


First off, thank you for taking the time to read anything I’ve ever written. It means so much as a writer to have someone take the time to actually peruse my work. I’m a slave to my own addiction of anime, and that is what I most often write about. I really like unique or deep stories and tend to gravitate towards either dark/psychological stories or adventurous/fantasy settings. I’m a sucker for good art and music so aesthetic qualities will sometimes carry me through a mediocre story. I’m more of a slow paced guy. I’d rather an anime beat around the bush than jump over the bush entirely. I like my genre definers like action and romance, but I also don’t like when any of that stuff is done badly. I don’t care about a fight scene if I’m not invested in those involved, and I don’t care how mollycoddly you are if I don’t get why you’re in love.

I have strange anime preferences that further identify who I am. I absolutely love dramatic close ups of anime eyes. I adore the fusions of “cool” girls and “cute” girls like Misaka Mikoto from the Raildex universe. I love anything with electric powers like Killua from Hunter X Hunter, or again, Misaka Mikoto. For real though, I am obsessed with Misaka Mikoto. I love when music is so damn good in an anime that it gives me chills and I look around as if I am expecting someone to be next to me also being wowed by the same music, but there isn’t because it’s five in the morning and everyone but me is dead to the world. Occasionally I’ll just stand up unexpectedly when an anime gets extremely good and pace back and forth saying “Damn, that’s good. That’s so freaking good.” I won’t lie, I geek out, and I freak out until my hand spasms across the keyboard and delivers you a blog that comes off as much more calm than the one typing it.

I also dive deep into the realm of video games and Magic: The Gathering. I watch live-action stuff too but I don’t care if I fall behind in that. Above all this, I’m a constantly inspired individual who adores the creative process. Whenever something wows me, I have to write about it. I have to bleed out my excitement before my heart overflows. Furthermore, it makes me want to write my own stories, so yes my primary goal, though one far in the future, is to write my own anime or game-inspired story.

Mushishi 26

As far as this blog goes, it’s predominately anime with occasional ventures into other nerdy things. I’m obsessed with collecting and sharing things like music and art so I sometimes have little compendiums to offer. You will also find my poetry and original works or fan fiction if I want to get really personal or stretch my writing legs.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me, and if you’re a fellow blogger, then I hope to read something of yours in return.

Anime Planet Profile – If you want to see a list of everything I watched and how I rated it.

One thought on “About

  1. I’m looking for a specific anime/manga that has been in the back of my mind but I can’t remember the name of it!
    It’s kinda like Attack on Titan, where the main character turns into a monster to protect his friend(s) but is set in more of an imperial time with some knights. There is a specific scene that I remember where he turns halfway into a monster but is only partially skeleton to protect his friends from a cannonball, and the officer who ordered the attack was wearing a rapier.

    If you can help at all it would be aweeeeeesome!

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