Winter 2014 Anime – Final Review

Winter, as well as sickness and annoying allergies, have come and gone, concluding the first season of anime this year. Some of you may have been just as attentive to this season as I was, and this post will serve to reflect on what was so great, or not so great. Others reading this may have missed the entire season and are scouring through the settling dust to see what ultimately became worth watching. While I wish I had the time, and fortitude to watch every anime, I ended up choosing the ones that interested me the most. Some I dropped very early, while others hovered in and out of my interest throughout these last 13 weeks. I can say that while this season didn’t bring a mass of brilliant “new” anime, the ones that continued on from last season were all stellar. As always I’m counting down to my favorite of the season. Let’s get on with it then! Continue reading


Winter 2014 Anime – Midseason Impressions

It’s been a while since the first week of this anime season started and unleashed a torrent of zany anime upon the otaku masses. 8 weeks, to be precise. Now that the dust has mostly settled, you can gain a sense of each anime’s direction and quality this season. I will be writing this weekly from here on out like most bloggers do, but this particular update will be my impression for the entire anime thus far rather than the latest individual episode. I will, of course, rank them by my personal favorites saving the best for last for that cliche suspense. Continue reading

Winter 2014 Anime – What I’m Watching (Part 1: Newcomers)

It’s a new season of anime and with it, fans are crawling out of the woodwork to look for the next Attack on Titan, or Sword Art Online. While nothing here has the same amount of hype that those two anime do, there are actually a few respectable ones that, with enough luck, could turn into something truly memorable. This particular post is about the brand new anime that aren’t continuing from something in a previous season. The fresh newcomers that are vying to be the next astounding series. I wish I had the time to watch all of them, but the least I can do is give my input on the ones that I am following or tried to watch. Let’s get right into it. Continue reading