Summer 2014 Anime – Midseason Impressions

We’re at the halfway point of the season. Any week now, all of these anime should build up into whatever they’ve been promising, but until then I’m going to review what I think of the anime, and what they’ve managed to establish so far. This season is definitely one that contains a rather high amount of new anime that have become popular, and I see that as an excellent thing. It shows that the anime industry is still full of fresh ideas.  As always, I’ll start with what I feel are the weakest of the season, and work my way up. So without any further introduction, let’s jump right into it. Continue reading

Summer 2014 Anime – Premiere Impressions

Despite my best effort, I can never contain the fervorous excitement within me for a new anime season and Summer has finally arrived. Rather than deal with the sweltering heat blasting down on the touristy town of Orlando, I’m choosing to get lost, once again, into the world of anime. This season is a keeper guys, and most of all, it’s bringing a lot of “new” anime to the scene. Surprisingly, I didn’t watch nearly as many premiere episodes as the last couple seasons, yet I found more impressive episodes this season than last. There are two more premieres coming out tomorrow, but I feel I’ve watched the most important ones to me already and I have to write about them now. So here’s what I tried to watch, which ones I dropped, and which ones hooked me in. From worst to best, here’s the anime season of Summer 2014! Continue reading