Spring 2014 Anime – Final Impressions

We’re already a week into the summer season of anime which has given me ample time to let my thoughts simmer and settle on what I ultimately thought of the anime that managed to keep my interest to the end of the season. Spring 2014 will forever be known as the season that brought No Game No Life, and for me personally, it was so much more. Spring marked the return of my favorite anime, Mushishi, and it’s quite hard to elevate it further than that. Hunter X Hunter finally concluded the arc that had our breaths bated for months now, and Fairy Tail came back to amazing reception. Any way you look at it, this was a very important season for the industry. Here are all the anime I followed to the end of the season, in order of preference. Continue reading

Spring 2014 Anime – Midseason Impressions

Let me start by apologizing for decreasing the frequency of my weekly anime discussions. I felt like I’d rather give each anime this season some time to simply develop, and keep my smaller opinions to myself until we arrived at the halfway point of the season, and here we are! This season had a lot of surprises. In fact, some of that which soured my taste, ended up pleasantly surprising me yet again. I am following an unprecedented amount of anime for myself this time, but I also feel very satisfied with what this season offered so far. I will also be throwing in a couple awards to certain anime that did things that I felt should be acknowledged. So, as always, I’m going to list them leading up to my favorite of the season, and I’m starting with what will unfortunately be dropped from here on out.

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Spring 2014 Anime – Premiere Impressions

I’ll spoil one thing right now: this seems like it’s going to be a fantastic season. A couple nights ago, I sat down with my room mate and a friend of ours and plowed through every single anime of the new season that we thought looked interesting. Then I watched the late arrivals throughout this last week. While there were obviously some disappointments, and such utter atrocities that I wonder where some of these creators get their budget from, there was more than a handful of promising anime that I am more than happy to continue watching. And with a couple more still looming on the horizon, this season is shaping up to have something for everyone. However, let’s take care of the mundane first and start with the anime that sadly failed to make a believer out of me. Continue reading

Spring 2014 Anime – What I’m Watching

With the surprise hit, Noragami, and the craziness that was Kill la Kill coming to an end, all eyes are now on the new season to bring us something big. Heavy hitters like Kuroko’s basketball and Magi exiting the scene until their next season leave a pretty big gap to fill. Luckily this season sports even more interesting looking anime than the last, and I plan on watching a lot. Personally for me, this season is bringing with it the sequel to my favorite anime series of all time, Mushishi. A sequel to a series that stopped airing around seven years ago. It’s a revival that I hated hoping for because I never thought it’d happen.

Anime reaches for the stars with it’s vivid and wild imagination, all the while, the artistry continually innovates and improves bringing us continually better looking characters and settings. More and more talent matures as storylines become deep and complex. On the other hand, anime is still anime and we all need the wackiness of over-exaggerated emotions as well. Here’s what caught my eye this season! They are in order of anticipation from least to most! Continue reading