My 50 Favorite Anime

I have been genuinely looking forward to redrafting this massive list for years now. As arbitrary and obvious as that sounds, there’s a certain satisfaction I get from organizing all of my thoughts and feelings about the anime that I love, and internally debating what deserves the top spot. Every single anime I placed on or removed from the list had me strenuously debating with myself. The process was mind-numbing, requiring frequent breaks and monstrous amounts of brain food to keep my writer’s block at bay.

It’s been roughly three years since I made my last top 50 update. My favorite thing to analyze as I was revamping this list were the changes between three-year-younger me, and my present day self looking into the mirror. How many anime have been added to my list in this time? (15, to be exact.) What anime were taken off? What anime have changed spots due to my growth as an anime fan, and just how much do I love the “worst” anime on the list? Three years ago, I had several anime on my list that I gave a 8.5/10. This time I couldn’t even fit all of the straight 9/10 anime. This means that I can say for certain that everything on this list is something I have an extreme attachment to, which also made trimming off number 51 and beyond excruciatingly difficult.

To help you understand exactly how this list is quantified, I need to stress that this list represents my taste, and my personal reaction only. There are anime on here that I would rarely recommend to the average fan, and there are some absent from this list that many consider classics. If I only like a particular season of an anime, I will specify so and explain why. Otherwise, all anime listed represent the entire series. These are the 50 anime that, after pouring 25,000 words of text for, basically comprise my entire identity right now. These are the 50 anime that continually inspire me, instill me with empathy, and keep me crawling back for more. These are my official, precisely placed favorite 50 anime of all time. Please enjoy!

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Spring 2015 Anime – Final Review

Another terrific season of anime has just wrapped up, with one of my favorite anime of all time finally reaching it’s conclusion. This was a season full of unexpected quality. Danmachi proved to be about much more than girls in dungeons. Snafu became a recent favorite of mine after marathoning the first season just to see what the fuss was about. And Food Wars has been able to make a stand as an actual good anime without the shock value of foodgasms. Let’s line them all up. From worst to best! Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Week 9 Impressions

I had to take a couple weekends off again due to training for a promotion. So there’s a huge step up in my life affairs! In addition, I find that, most of the time, I catch up on weekly anime right before the next week episodes start airing, which makes my weekly write up seem like old news before I even start it. Well I don’t want to miss another week so here I am starting a blog at 1 AM. This week was primarily satisfactory on all fronts but didn’t really have anything to seal the deal as an episode to remember. I guess I should be glad that Fate/Stay is past one of it’s most contrived confrontations and that My Love Story is continually honing it’s craft at being a terrific romantic comedy. Blood Blockade Battlefront brought us another creative episode, and Arslan is confidently building it’s world with more interesting pieces. So with that said, let’s once again leave our mundane world for a bit and talk about ANIME. Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Week 6 Impressions

I’m finally back on my normal schedule, and thanks to a surprise day off tomorrow, I can really put in my due effort. How I wish I could do this free of any time constraint. Maybe if the anime industry would just stop putting so much interesting stuff out. No, anime. Don’t do that. Keep the good things coming, since it’s the heart of this blog. I’ll be the one to rise to the status quo!

This week had some more anime clunking into their slots of being “as good as I hoped.” while a couple are actually forcing themselves further up my favorites list. I can’t wait to go at length on Plastic Memories recent dark departure, Arslan’s brilliant foundation layout, or Blood Blockade Battlefront’s most charming episode yet. Let’s leave our mundane world for a bit and talk about ANIME Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Week 5 Impressions

Goodness, I’m late! I apologize to the readers who expected a bit more consistency from me. I was ailed with sickness around week 3, and I got very, very addicted to Bloodborne in week 4. Now here I am, writing impressions for last week’s episodes. There have definitely been some notable occurrences over those two weeks. Kuroko’s basketball wrapped up it’s mesmerizing flashback arc and Blood Blockade Battlefront’s quirky, inventive directing style is continuing to satisfy as I wonder why it’s not as warmly received as it should be. But now we’re on to week 5. Plastic Memories made a huge impression that I’m just dying to talk about, while Fate Stay Night is starting to feel a bit less gripping. What a change in the tides, this is.

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Spring 2015 Anime – Week 2 Impressions

God this week was fantastic. The best I’ve had in a while. We have some more premieres to talk about, first and foremost. While nearly every anime has finally aired, the internet is much more actively aware, and worried, that Digimon Tri still doesn’t have an air date yet. And this particular Digimon anime has been very anticipated by long-time fans of the series. It was the anime I was probably most curious to watch, so I really hope it’s not delayed out of this season and it’s just getting a really late start. Besides that, we had some more solid first episodes, and an amazing round two for almost everything else. So let’s finish off those first episodes, and then we’ll move on to the second episodes. Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Premiere Impressions

The weekend of several new premieres has finally passed. Although we are getting a rather late start with at least half of the anime yet to premiere, I already have a lot I want to say. Disappointments and delights have already occurred in numerous forms, and I’m on the desperate hunt for the standout original anime this season, as Death Parade was to me last season. The rest of the premieres will be covered in my Week 2 write up next weekend! New anime, line up! It’s time to see where the potential lies this exciting Spring season. I’m counting them down in order of preference from worst to best! And remember, there are two pages! Continue reading