Kuo and Corsia – The 5 Mono-Colored Kuon Civilizations

Art by Sam Burley

Welcome to the first actual preview for my multi-block fan expansion! While my prologue featured cards from all nine sets, we’re now going to focus solely on the first one. After it’s adequately revealed from a flavor and gameplay perspective, we’ll move on to next set. This way, you all can get a better look at how this set will actually interact with itself without influence from the future sets. So before we break down each of the five civilizations, here’s the set details in rough draft form. Continue reading

Kuo and Corsia – My MTG Custom Card Universe

Art by Sina Kasra

My has the time blown by! A year and a half ago I started detailing this project where I was adapting a fictional story I was writing into a small Magic: The Gathering card set, and it has sure grown since then. I’m talking 9 sets. 1500 cards.  I decided that it was ultimately too early to discuss back then so I cancelled the blog series, and toiled away at a better version. While it’s still not done, I’m on the final revisions so I can start sharing pieces of this project as they come to completion.

Showcasing a universe through a Magic set might be a rather strange way to introduce you to this story, but this process proved to have many advantages. Just having a completely blank canvas in front of me proved a bit overwhelming to develop the smaller aspects of this fantasy world. By focusing on literally one aspect (one card) at a time, it let me stretch my creative fingers across the finer details that initially seemed impossible to get to with relative ease. On top of that, it was incredibly addicting. By scouring artwork of the many fantastic artists out there, I was able to find a decent representation of the world I’m aiming to create.

Obviously, I wish I could have the time and talent to make all the artwork myself, but just using the artwork I found as inspiration, and piecing them together to fit my lore has already been an amazing way to explore this world. Allow me to introduce the world of Kuo and Corsia to you. A world where emotions become magic and logic becomes power. Continue reading

I am On Patreon

Hello readers and passersby, it is a very important day for me because I finally had the guts and the gall to throw my weight around on Patreon. Your continued support has been keeping my foot on the gas more than you realize and now I want to see if I can develop this any further. I never grow tiresome of the writing process, although I have several things I want to improve on, but for those who are already satisfied with what I provide, I am here to offer more with promises of leveling this sucker up. Continue reading

Fantasy Art – February 2016

Just like my last post with anime fan art, I also follow way too many people on Deviant Art. Most of them tend to fall under “fantasy” but there may be some occasional outliers. So I will also be posting this blog regularly as well so that the anime and fantasy art just never stops coming! Now you can see all the wonderful stuff for yourself and maybe go give them a follow! Click on the image for the full size and each caption will have a link to the artist page. Continue reading

Anime Fan Art – February 2016

I follow Zerochan, an anime art community, quite religiously and I have always wanted to share the artwork I come across. I thought that because others may love anime fan art but don’t have the time to meticulously scour Zerochan’s vaults like I do they would at least like to see what fan art is really worth looking at. So this is a new series I will be posting regularly. Just click on the image to get the full size version and a link to the artist’s page is in each caption. I hope this satisfies some of the art appreciators among my followers.

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2015 – Anime of the Year Awards

How did 2015 treat you, anime fans? To assist with your reflection on that, I’m here to dish out my “best of” in all manner of categories to celebrate and honor the anime that made the most of their time and effort. The anime that boldly demonstrated just what this industry is capable of, and perhaps more specifically, what it has never been able to do before. With our usual four seasons, each with dozens of anime on air making up the selection pool, just selecting the nominees was a difficult process, but that laborious task is finished and it’s finally time to reward 2015’s very best anime.

Let me explain how this whole award thing works. I’m not omniscient, therefore, I haven’t seen every anime that aired this year. I tried to watch every anime that I feel like would make a difference in the awards but there may be a couple that I just haven’t gotten around to watching yet. That being said, I have watched the breadth of what was both popular and critically acclaimed this year so that should hardly be an issue. I debated a lot between doing this impartially like I did last year, meaning I try to take out my own bias and logically think what anime were the best. Then I realized, you know what, this entire blog is to represent me, not to show me trying to represent everyone else, therefore I decided, laughing at my last year’s self, to make this strictly what I liked about anime in 2015. So…I have a few types of awards:
Medals – These are jokes, or just things I appreciate. There is no nomination or “winner. ” Only special things I want to shout out.
Special Awards – These are targeted to smaller things that don’t necessarily reflect the anime themselves, but do play an important part in what I love about anime.
Production Awards – These are targeted toward the staff behind each anime and the skills they use to bring the anime to life, culminating in the Best Director and Best Studio awards.
Overall Awards – These consider the anime themselves as a final product and the things they offer to their audience, concluding with the anime of the year. Continue reading

Winter 2016 Anime – First Impressions

Twenty anime, people. I’m kicking off the new year strong with renewed vigor and bigger things in store, so I figured why not just load my plate with as much anime as possible? This season didn’t seem to have any immediate blockbusters when I was scrolling through its offerings, but that’s the point of digging deep into the selection. I’m here to lay out what anime surprised, delighted, and repulsed in Winter 2016. If you are looking for new anime to follow, then I hope something on this list can appeal to you. I’m starting with what I dropped and will work my way up to the most memorable!

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