My 10 Favorite Relationships in Anime and Games.

Normally, I like to write a list that simply shows characters I would date in honor of Valentine’s day. Well this time I want to celebrate the actual relationships that happen (or almost happen) in anime and video games. I have certain friends that are currently in beautiful relationships, and it’s a very inspiring thing to be around. It’s utterly contagious, and I usually deal with my lack of a relationship by busying and immersing myself into my own nerdom. Well, I found that even amongst the games and anime I take solace in, there are relationships that have given me a great deal of hope about my own romantic life. These are relationships that empower me and motivate me. The kind that make me want to pick up my phone and call the girl I care about most and experience the same thing I just saw or played. I’m ranking them in order of my personal favorites, but all of these are worth looking into if you’re a fan of any type of romance.

*I tried really hard to write this one without spoilers, but it was impossible. So much of what makes these romances so strong involves some of the most climactic moments of their respective anime or game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10. Ginko and Tanyu (Mushishi)

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2014 – Top 14 nerdy things I’m looking forward to

12 months have flown by yet again and now we all have to adjust to writing a 14 whenever we date things now. For many, this is a time to reflect on the year behind us, which I have already done by highlighting my top 13 nerdy moments of 2013. Before the monotony of another year sets in, we have to get excited and look forward to what 2014 and beyond will give us! Continue reading

My Top 13 Nerdy Moments of 2013

Pardon my tardiness to the yearly retrospect club. Being punctual with my writing wasn’t one of my new year’s resolutions, unfortunately. However, writing in general was, and this is definitely a great time to reflect on all things that made last year special. Since I’m a self-proclaimed nerd and otaku, I figured it’d be fitting to specifically celebrate all things nerdy that were the highlights of 2013 for myself. I always like to feel “good” to be a nerd, instead of ashamed or reserved, and upon looking back on the year, I even found it a struggle to narrow it down to 13, which is a great sign that I’m living a great life as a nerd. This helps me feel that there’s nothing wrong with my lifestyle, and that it can carve as deep of memories as anything else out there. So without any more delay, before I ramble on to 2015, let me proudly share my defining moments as a nerd in 2013! Continue reading

Top Ten Cosplays I Would Propose To

Fictional characters don’t exist. They aren’t real. That hot rogue that you interact with in your favorite RPG is nothing more than a construct of numbers and polygons. That is, until you’re walking through the halls of a convention and you see a person cosplaying that very same character. Conventions are always one of the biggest highlights of my life. It’s a celebration of all things nerdy or fictional where no one has to be ashamed of what they love. Chief among the many things to look for at a convention are cosplays. This list contains the top ten cosplays that would make me abandon all sense of composure and drop to my knee and ask for their hand in marriage. Continue reading