Anime Fan Art – March 2016

Hello folks. I do intend for these to be in the first week of each month, but it was my birthday yesterday. Upon aging another year, I took a breather for a few days! I’m not old yet, reaching the lofty heights of 26, but I definitely feel the extremely early signs of becoming senile. Anyways, here’s the March edition of Anime Fan Art which will basically encompass everything I came across throughout February. For those stopping by for the first time, I get this art from Zerochan where I subscribe to every anime I like. Whenever a new season ends I subscribe to the ones that pleased me which just constantly expands the amount of fan art I see every day. Here’s my personal favorites for your easy perusal. If you want to see more I highly implore you join Zerochan or another like-minded website! Click the image for the full size and there is a link to that artist’s profile in each caption!

An extremely interesting and colorful version of Homura and Madoka from Madoka Magica. It’s like there’s three distinct sections. The blacked out silhouette of the city, Homura’s psychedellic wings, and Madoka’s soft, bright aura. Artist – Ashi Ura

Kyoko from Madoka Magica. I loved stained glass looking motifs. They are always so vibrant. Artist – Ashi Ura


Ginko from Mushishi. It’s dark and tranquil, echoing the mood of most of its episodes. Artist – Saiga Tokihito


I hardly ever see fan art of Yona of the Dawn! This one is of the main character, Yona! Artist Profile


A stunning, detailed rendition of Akuma Homura from Madoka Magica. She is still one of my favorite character designs of all time. Artist Profile


A character I actually don’t recognize, but it’s tagged from One Punch Man. Meaning she’s probably more prominent in the later chapters. But it was so well done that I had to include it. Artist – Ting Chan


I was oversaturated with Tokyo Ghoul, but this piece managed to pierce my impassive gaze and draw me in. This is just stunning. Artist – Jattgoi


A bloody beautiful portrait of Kiss-Shot from Monogatari. The bright red on white burns right through my eyes. This is actually official art by Shaft but I threw it on here anyways!


One of the grittiest moments of Fate Zero done in one of the most grittiest art styles I’ve seen. This one’s a keeper for sure. Artist – Nanfe

Rider from Fate Zero. Another one by the same artist. The rough and dignified tone is something I’d really like to see more of. Artist – Nanfe

This one HAS to be clicked to see the full size. The lovely duo of Madoka and Homura with a really cool looking cloth effect! Artist – Miv4t



I stared dumbfounded for a bit at this one. It’s sharp and soft at the same time, incredibly elegant, and soothing all at the same time. My favorite of the month! Artist – Bai Qi QSR


It’s not that often that you see great anime art of a character and an environment in the same piece. That’s why I was delighted to come across this beautiful piece showing Saber in front of a majestic castle at dusk. Artist – Haraguroi You


Yes, I realize there is a lot of Madoka Art. I can’t help the fact that it gets the most high quality submissions to Zerochan of perhaps any anime in existence. So here’s another one that I thought was cool because Homura’s dress is a galaxy. That’s pretty intense. Artist – Dangmill


This one deserves to be clicked to full size. This is an absolutely gorgeous illustration of Yona from Yona of the Dawn. Normally I don’t even see these each month and this time I had two! This is easily one of the best ones I saw this month! Artist Profile


You don’t see Spice and Wolf stuff these days, which is truly sad. My folder is very bare bones so I was glad to see this really well-drawn Holo this month! Artist – Mirai Macharge


One of my favorite anime characters of all time, Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai. For as beautiful as that anime was, there’s a criminally low abundance of fan art. This piece nails her bad ass look as well as the supernatural aura that permeates from her. Artist – Shirabii


I have yet to see these films, but I always love seeing this powerful artwork of the characters in the Evangelion series. Artist Profile


One of my favorite artists returns with her take on Saitama from One Punch Man! She actually attends my local conventions so I buy her artwork the most! Artist – Zzyzzyy


A nice, crisp portrait of the wonderful trio from Durarara. A series that is about to hit it’s final episode at the end of this month! Artist – Kiri

Wowzers! This is what I love about a “messy” style done right! It’s just so full of visual energy! This is Saber from Fate Stay Night! Artist – Gods


Here’s another illustrious Madoka for ya. This time using white space to it’s fullest potential! Artist Profile


Screw fan art, this looks like high-level concept art! What a spectacular portrayal of this fight from Fate Stay Night! Artist – Swordsouls


And that’s it for this month! I was happy to see Yona of the Dawn and Kara no Kyoukai this time. Hopefully something else rare will appear next month! See you then!



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