I am On Patreon

Hello readers and passersby, it is a very important day for me because I finally had the guts and the gall to throw my weight around on Patreon. Your continued support has been keeping my foot on the gas more than you realize and now I want to see if I can develop this any further. I never grow tiresome of the writing process, although I have several things I want to improve on, but for those who are already satisfied with what I provide, I am here to offer more with promises of leveling this sucker up.

Patreon, for those who don’t know, is a crowd-funding platform. Basically I, or some other dream-blinded fool creates a page on Patreon’s website showing what I create now, and what I could create with more resources. Yes, the dirty word “money” is that resource For all intents and purposes, I am simply trying to acquire more time to do what I love, and hopefully give you more of what you love. Then if you feel generous, and find me worthy enough, you can actually donate to me on a monthly basis to support what I offer. There are rewards for donating certain amounts and milestones for if this process actually kicks into high gear which you can check out on the Patreon page itself, but as a writer, the best I can do is just keep my fingertips ticking away at my keyboard.

As my current followers may know, this blog has a bit of a hybrid subject matter. While it’s predominately an anime blog, I venture into poetry and discuss video games time to time. I also detail little pet projects of mine that have a more creative flair. Whatever aspect of that you want to support, I wholeheartedly plan on continuing in this same fashion. This will remain an anime blog, yet it will still retain all the other random aspects that make this blog represent me. I’m not trying to make money to conform to some industry standard. I’m here to present myself, and to tell you that with more time, I can do a whole lot more than what you’ve already been seeing.

I was debating on if the time was now or later. I wanted to hone my craft and perfect my every weakness, but then I realized that Patreon is a growing entity just like everything else. Websites near and far relaunch themselves, beta test, transform, and take feedback from the community. Why can’t I? To hell with it. I’m launching now, and I preemptively offer my gratitude for anyone who even considers donating. Even if not, I still am eternally thankful for those who stop by and comment. Doing so provides the more important resource of inspiration. It just so happens that I am now so inspired that the next thing I need now is time, which would be given to me by humble pledges and donations. Thank you for following, and I hope to have a good time running this blog to kingdom come with you all.

 Clickity Linkity to my Patreon Page


2 thoughts on “I am On Patreon

  1. I’ve been thinking of joining this funding website for my anime screenings and such. How has it worked out for you so far? Is it reliable? I read that there was a security breach last year where hacks stole tons of data.

    • I have yet to know! I don’t have any pledges yet! Nor did I expect any. But I wanted Patreon seems like more of a momentum build up rather than an explosive source of funding. So a pledge here and there is already fine by me. I didn’t know about this security breach, but I do know that there’s an anime blogger I follow who is making a decent amount from Patreon, so I figured I might as well try!

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