Fantasy Art – February 2016

Just like my last post with anime fan art, I also follow way too many people on Deviant Art. Most of them tend to fall under “fantasy” but there may be some occasional outliers. So I will also be posting this blog regularly as well so that the anime and fantasy art just never stops coming! Now you can see all the wonderful stuff for yourself and maybe go give them a follow! Click on the image for the full size and each caption will have a link to the artist page.



“The Last Show is Always Epic”



Alejandro Mirabal

“Parasites” ~ The master of macabre strikes again.



“Shoot for the Moon”


“She Wolf” ~ Both this one and the one above are by this artist.




“Our Secret Place”

“The Water Spiral”

“Sun Wave”

“The Magic in the Forest”

“With the Wind”


Pete Mohrbacher

“Sariel – Angel of the Waning Moon”

“Archangel Gabriel, The Golden Herald”



“Witch of the Forest”



Lucas Graciano

“Sunblade Elf”

“Scars of the Awakened”

“Managorger Hydra”

Sheppard Arts







“Temple Exit”


“Nissa’s Nemesis”

“Devour in Flames”


“Lunar Leap – Background 4”

“Lunar Leap – Background 8”


“We Were Angels”


“Piece by Piece”

Marko Djurdjevic


Orion 35

“Chinese Zodiac – Year of the Snake”

Aqua Sixio

“Let it Grow”

Noah Bradley

“Teach Me the Angel’s Song”

And that’s all folks! Noah Bradley and Cyril Rolando (Aqua Sixio) are two of my favorite artists so I was glad they both had something they did quite recently! I love all these artists with all my heart, regardless! Thank for perusing! I’ll have more anime art and fantasy art on the horizon!



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