Cosplay Wishlist Countdown – Holiday Matsuri 2015

Hello there, christmas-crazed cosplaying community. Holiday Matsuri, a rapidly growing, local anime convention is right around the corner, and as such, my cosplay itch has grown unbearably strong. Not an itch to DO cosplay, but an itch to SEE cosplay. Not just as pictures on the internet, but in person at a convention I actually attend.

I don’t dabble in the art of presenting myself as a fictional character, as I deeply prefer writing and speaking about anime instead. But I have the utmost respect for cosplay. It is a beautiful craft that mixes athleticism, attention to detail, and artistic integrity to make a hybrid activity that downright intimidates me. As such, every convention I hope to see cosplayers putting their noble time and effort into a character that I’ve fallen in love with. While my wish list of cosplays I want to see for all time is insanely lengthy, this list is comprised solely of what made an impression on me this year, 2015.


Ougi Oshino (Owarimonogatari)

There’s an ever-increasing list of characters from the Monogatari series that I want to capture a photo of, but the latest on the list is Ougi, the too-long-sleeve wearing instigator of all the clever arguments in this latest season of Owarimonogatari. Her oddly pale and demonic face is her signature, and that’s what I’ll be looking for.



Takeo and Rinko (My Love Story)

You can’t have one without the other. While Taiga from Toradora might pass as a solo, these two have made such an impact together that seeing them separate would just feel…weird. Takeo and Rinko made the chummiest, snuggiest, goo goo couple of the year, and the anime fandom fell in love with them, myself included. Takeo is a cosplay style you don’t see everyday. Gigantic and bold, with no armor or weapon to proportionate his size, Takeo is only big in order to contain his big heart, and Rinko is not to be cast out of the light as well. A shot of these two together would just cancel out any negativity I might feel at the con.


Gieve (Arslan)

Arslan came and went without as much fanfare as I had hoped, but I still personally found much enjoyment out of this anime. Thankfully it’s strong ending held fast my desire to see these characters in real life, and none more than Gieve. I don’t know if it’s his voice actor, or just his rogue nature, but he always steals the limelight whenever he’s on. I think a Farangis for him to dote on would be funny, but Gieve by himself is all I really need!


Saya Sasamiya (The Asterisk War)

The moment this spunky little girl pulled off a tough-girl gesture amongst all these stereotypical anime girls, I dubbed her the best girl in this anime. She then only continued to strengthen her appeal with her “The world abounds with injustice,” which is probably the best anti fan-service line I’ve ever heard. Either way, I rarely see blue-haired characters these days. The hairdo is neat. Her big gun as a prop would be massive bonus. But as long as I can get her doing a “don’t eff with me look” in a photo, I’m all set.



Bishamon (Noragami)

I have seen my Yato’s, Yukine’s, and Hiyori’s, but I have yet to see a Bishamon. My desire for such increased dramatically after the stellar second season and her heightened focus within. Her potential outfits to choose from are numerous, meaning I may even overlook a Bishamon the first time I walk by one because I don’t know what outfit I’m actually looking for, but I feel like her ancient kimono that we briefly got a glimpse of is what I want to see the most.



Kousei and Kaori (Your Lie in April)

I don’t know how we’re going to go about getting a piano for Kousei, but at least carrying a violin should be no problem for Kaori. I have seen fan art of Kousei simply miming his piano playing and it still looks fantastic, so that’s probably what I’ll have this duo do if I come across them. Your Lie in April was an sensual masterpiece, and I have to see it in real life. Major bonus points if the cosplay duo can actually perform a piece together.


Kiharu Toghrul (Snow White with the Red Hair)


This is probably the longest shot. Snow White with the Red Hair is too far under the radar for me to get my hopes up too high. Even more so, the character I want to see was only in a couple episodes, so surely no one got the same impression as me. But this fanbase can be surprising, and I hope someone actually loved this character the same as I. The fire-emblem-esque character designs of this anime should have cosplayers drooling, and this girl seems like no exception to me.



Eileen the Crow (Bloodborne)

I asked for it at Metro, and I didn’t find one, and Bloodborne is still very much relevant ten months after release. I need me some Eileen. Her outfit is simply stunning, and seeing it in real life would be a strange moment of triumph for me. The same type of triumph this game series is so famous for having thanks to it’s difficulty. I guess it’s appropriate that it should be difficult to find this cosplay. Bloodborne ain’t about making things easy.


Caster (Fate Stay Night)

Caster was my favorite character design out of all the amazing looking combatants in the latest Fate anime. An exquisite cape with magical markings to look like a butterfly; it practically screamed Gajinka, except there was no actual Pokemon to base it off of. This was just a really cool outfit. I was even surprised to find out she had beautiful hair underneath that hood meaning I need a hood up and hood off picture to satisfy my inner geek.


Genos (One Punch Man)

One Punch Man is all about overwhelming what lies before you in one fell swoop, and that’s what the anime did to it’s fanbase. It’s already everywhere. Attack on Titan is about to become very old news thanks to the new spectacle on the block, but this doesn’t mean I got my fill of cosplay yet from this adrenaline-infused comedy. Genos is an iron man with anime hair, and is, aesthetically, one of my favorite characters. Honestly, I’m going to be excited to see any cosplays from this series, but the technical craft going into this guy sets him firmly at the top.


Emotions (Inside Out)

Yes, Pixar blew me back to Kingdom Come with their summer film, Inside Out, ranking amongst my most beloved computer animated films. I couldn’t decide on a single emotion, and as the moral of the film goes, you really shouldn’t decide on a single emotion. That’s why I want to see them all. While Legend of Korra was the group cosplay I wanted to see last year, the full range of emotions is what I really need to see this time. My “joy” inside is jumping up and down in anticipation.


Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV)

There are some video game entries on here, though not as many as before. Most importantly is my waifu from my virtual laifu, Y’shtola. She was a prominent character in the story of this MMO, and I put a lot of time into this game making her more recurring in my life than any of these other characters. The events leading up to the expansion this year have left my heart wrenched tight, but I have yet to catch up to the current story. If anyone pulls her off, they also better have an account on the game because I have yet to add anyone to my friends list on this game.


The Braves (Rokka no Yuusha)

Oh yes, probably the most memorable designs for a group of characters graced us in this action-turned-mystery anime. While I was ultimately left hanging a bit with the story, I was completely sold on the way the characters looked. Luckily my very own group of friends are tackling this very cosplay, but I’m still putting it on my list because I technically haven’t seen it yet, and I really can’t wait to finally see them unveil it!


Nona (Death Parade)


Nona is the numero uno on this list. Part of it is her simple, yet effortlessly cool character design, while another is probably how much presence she commanded in the anime, and the final part is that Death Parade was one of the best anime I’ve seen this year. While she wasn’t the main character, she was a person who got stuff done and laid down the law like a boss. Well, she technically is the boss. But her little quirks like resting her arms in her overall straps, and her business casual body language was just different from most anime characters, and in all the best ways.



I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this, as always! I hope all of you cosplayers continue to enjoy and improve this amazing art form. I will be cosplaying among you eventually, but until then, I will be diligently writing about the nerdy things that give me the desire to go to conventions in the first place. See you all at Matsuri, and if you’re a reader outside of Florida, I hope you enjoy whatever conventions come your way! Merry Christmas everyone!



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