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Last year I made my largest post to date, which was my top 50 anime entry. It’s the biggest representation of what I love in anime, but what was my top 50 then surely wouldn’t remain as such with new anime coming out ever season, and me watching old classics on the back burner.

Once I watched an anime that I felt earned a spot in my top 50, I wanted to update my blog instantaneously, but I decided I should wait until I had a few anime to add at once. One year later, with nine new anime to add to the list, I decided now was the perfect time to pencil them in. So, this post is just to let you know that the original post from back then is updated.

Newly Updated Top 50 Anime

And this post is to specifically talk about what went on, and more importantly, what was sent packing home. Keep in mind that just because I took an anime off the list, that doesn’t mean I like it any less. There’s just the simple fact that there are dozens of anime I prefer more than that particular one, and I finally watched enough to bump it off. So let’s start with the one that will cause the most disbelief:


Knocked off the list

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann is a fan favorite. I’m sure its one of your favorites too. I can’t deny that it is an incredible anime. But Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is just not for me. A little too much chaos. A little too much mech. Just a little too much of a little too many things. I’m not here to say Gurren Lagann is awful. It’s really good. Only, due to the multitudes of things that don’t appeal to me in this anime, it’s simply not top 50 good for me. Alright, now I got the worst offender out of the way, let’s carry on.

Tokyo Ghoul

Here’s the anime that’s the worst offender to myself. Tokyo Ghoul, I have a bone to pick with you. I was very generous, and optimistic of Tokyo Ghoul’s first season. It ended on a beautiful high note that I figured would carry on into the second season. Sure, it was a cliffhanger, but with patience, the cliffhanging would be over and I would have even more of the anime I loved. Turns out, the second season was such a step backwards that it also meant the first season built all that momentum for absolutely no payoff, meaning the first season became even worse. I’m even more angry because I actually cosplay Kaneki. My heart was in this anime, but when logic sets in place, I can realize I’ve been duped. Tokyo Ghoul, you aren’t as good as you seemed like you were going to be, and I had to take you off of my list.

Log Horizon

I used to rank this one on the same level as Sword Art Online. I felt they were different enough, and had their own distinctive appeal, yet funnily enough, they were quite close to each other on my list. However, Sword Art remained good and Log Horizon got worse. To the point where it was finally eclipsed by several other anime, pushing it off the list. Log Horizon still has a place in my heart, and I’m going to follow any future season, but I’m no longer as excited about this series as I used to be.

Akame Ga Kill


It was just a matter of time, for this one. This one was near the bottom, and it just merely got shaved off. I felt like Akame Ga Kill had something special, but it ultimately didn’t make as much with its premise as I dreamed. Nothing against you Akame Ga Kill, but you have a lot of competition, and, this year, at least 50 of them beat you in my eyes.


Another is a beautiful horror series. It’s aesthetics would still make me rank it near the top in a art-oriented countdown, however, this is considering every nook and cranny, and Another didn’t end well with me. It was enough to let it float near the bottom of the list, but it finally sunk all the way.

Fairy Tail

I haven’t been entirely happy with Fairy Tail for a while. I feel like I’ve already watched the best the series will ever have to offer. I stopped following it, and it was already very close to falling off the list. It only took a few anime that really resonated with me to say bon voyage to Fairy Tail.

Future Diary

Future Diary had an amazing premise and one of my favorite anime character of all time, the beautiful psycho, Yuno. She carried the anime valiantly and made me love it more for its high points than its dud moments. Unfortunately, because I felt like the plot got really messy, and less psychological than I expected, it was already a flawed series that just managed to claw it’s way up the rankings. Well, it can’t claw its way any higher, unfortunately.


I always liked Durarara more than Baccano, but I just hadn’t seen enough anime to take Baccano off the list entirely. They both tell nonlinear stories very well. I finally have seen enough anime that only Durarara can hang with the best of them in my opinion.

Kimi ni Todoke

After I watched some truly standout romance anime, Kimi ni Todoke was becoming more generic by the minute. It’s not bad, by any means. I initially said that Kimi ni Todoke represents the best version of a very standard romance story, but unfortunately “standard” just doesn’t cut it anymore.


This isn’t a process of shaming these specific anime. I’m not here to say why I like them less than other anime, but I have to defend the reasons they lost their positions. I honestly think this only means celebration. It means that more and more higher quality anime keeps seeping through the cracks. I can only dream of the day that I complete so many outstanding anime that something from my original top ten gets knocked out of the top 50 entirely.

So now let’s take a brief look at what replaced these anime. The nine anime that I fell in love with in the last year. Some of them are brand new, while others are older anime I watched just to catch up with my backlog.


Newly Added


I finally found a martial arts anime that I loved. It took a while, and I doubted I would ever find one, but it actually happened. Katanagatari is my most beloved new entry. The reasons why, as well as with all the others can be found on the actual blog.


I can’t believe I didn’t watch this when it was currently airing. I was even blogging at that time. However, back then I wasn’t as open to trying interesting looking anime as I was only following a select few. I really hope I don’t miss an anime like this one again.

Your Lie in April

Finally another music anime that can stand side by side with Kids on the Slope. The prettier, younger brother to that anime, Your Lie in April was a stunning anime and while I doubted it would be top 50 quality at first. It just brought one beautiful scene after another, and ended with a strong enough emotional bang to make me never forget it.

Death Parade

Absolutely brilliant premise, and Death Parade used it to full effect, taking it even further than I ever imagined. Death Parade is the type of anime I love to see. It comes along with an idea that any writer would love to get their hands on, and whoever did was probably the best choice for this anime.

Seven Deadly Sins

It took a while for this one to warm up to me. It’s nowhere near as drastic as the masterful ascension of Hunter X Hunter, but its definitely ramping up it’s quality at an alarmingly fast rate. At first, I didn’t like it. Then it was enjoyable, followed by me actually finally loving it.

Tatami Galaxy

This is the one that I felt would make my top 50 in some fashion just going into it, but I wasn’t entirely sure where it would end up. It wasn’t as emotionally powerful as I hoped, but it was still the intellectual stimulation that I craved when I started this incredibly well-written anime. I’m excited to try other works associated with this creator now, namely The Eccentric Family.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

SNAFU is a strange one. Out of every anime on my list, it’s the one I had the most hesitation with. That’s simply because it didn’t have a conclusive ending, and I wanted more to happen during the course of its run. However, that didn’t stop it from having a few qualities that I absolutely love, especially for the romance genre. In the end, I still loved Snafu’s overall presentation enough to put it on the list, but if it was an entire package, you could count on it being much higher than where I placed it.

My Love Story

Two romance anime going on, one romance anime going off. Sure, I’ll take a little more romance on my list any day. It’s always one of my favorite character motivators since romance is actually my favorite aspect of life. My Love Story just finished airing and it’s wacky humor was so perfect that it earned a spot for years to come, I’m sure.

One Punch Man

It’s rare for me to put a series so early in its run on my list, but One Punch Man is off to a near-flawless start, and one that I enjoyed so much already that I preemptively just put it where I think it would end up if it continued this pace consistently to its end. It may go up or down, but right now, it’s landed solidly in the middle of the countdown.

Moving Up


Noragami was near the bottom of my list last year, and it would have been knocked off if it wasn’t for this second season that just started. It has been such a thrill watching this supernatural story sink even deeper into its engaging plotline that it’s proven that the best of Noragami isn’t short lived at all, which was why I ranked it low last time. Now it’s sitting with all of my other 5 start darlings.

Again, if you want to see the blog in it’s entirety, the link is below.

Newly Updated Top 50 Anime



2 thoughts on “Top 50 Update

  1. This is an amazing concept to have a top 50 list that is updated every season. I think I might do this myself although I don’t know how I’m even going to gather all the anime I’ve watched in one list. Going to go check out your top 50 list now to get some ideas of what I have and haven’t watched.

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