I’m Rich – I Have 5 Dollars

Art by Alice XZ

I’m rich.  I have five dollars.

I have five wrinkled bills that I worked for jammed into my wallet

My family’s growing and turning into alcoholics

My wealth. My future. Man it’s all falling

My dad committed suicide. Sometimes mom wants me gone.

But I have people to reach whenever the pressure’s on

A whole family who invites me with open arms

to live in their home, safe from harm

And that’s priceless.  What else is invaluable?

What else doesn’t have worth as it’s own variable?

A true friend. You can’t buy one of those,

but I have a few, and still have five bucks to blow.  

Blessed are we, with the power of a miracle

I channel it through into my words, like a lyrical,

spiritual force.  No remorse for the wealthy

I’d rather have time.  I’d rather be healthy

I own my money.  It doesn’t own me

It can’t control me.  It cannot clone me

Money manipulator.  Poverty terminator

A demonstrator of ways to sway your compensator

What do you have?  You don’t have any companions

Your greed has eroded your soul into a canyon

You can’t win.  Because all you have is millions

It only buys materials. No love in that mansion.

It’s ironic how the currency that’s so iconic

Is like chronic, and can turn your life strictly platonic

You think that the meaning of life, is simply raising your net worth.

Ain’t no prophet ever spoke of profit in biblical verse.

You have no emotion.  You’re as vast as the ocean

Empty as a desert.  Alone as a cold wind

Blowing with the motion.  Money isn’t golden

There’s a reason why cash is so easily folded.

Emboldened with signs of the governments greed

Holding a bill, and you think that’s all you need

Money isn’t power.  It’s a lustful luxury.

It’s a sacrifice with no results but grudgery

You think thieves steal money?  Take a look at

what’s controlling you?  Now, who’s the real crook?

What stole your lives?  What took over your mind?

It’s all crime.  It all starts with them nickles and dimes.

Actually, if I think of it factually.

While you rashfully spend all of your cash only

to irrationally feel like your rich and fractionally

less of an asshole, you have the gall to gradually

assume that I will lye and die here

With cobwebs in my wallet, ill-affording all but my fears

My dreams of making something of my self can stretch for lightyears

I have ideas that I want to realize, as my eyes veer

away from the corruption of business. The financial physics.

The heartless trade of love for digits.

It’s like the lunacy of the devout and religious, but without the spirits.

I don’t believe in fate, but I’m here for more than creating riches.

The world already has them. Even the have-nots and has-beens.

Unfortunate souls can birth the most beautiful talents.

And this is what I save in my bank account. Not the one in town.

The one in my head, where any currency’s found.

Economy is taking money and turning it into more money.

Funny, MY economy is reading and then writing something.

I’ll pay you in ink. I’ll make a deposit purely in the words that I think.

The checks I write are the poems you read from clicking my link.

My 401k is the number of words I’ve written working in sync

to create a fiction so good, that as you read it, you will not blink.

If you want capital, here’s a work of art. 

Put that in your bank and watch the interest dividends start

Small percentages increase as inspiration in your heart.

And eventually you have a foundation nobody can take apart.

And that’s how I roll, not in dough, That metaphor’s for bakers,

and the movers and shakers. The ones who actually sweat, walking these acres

And decide that our way of life isn’t solely as a paper-maker

I’m an appreciator of what others do to become greater.

I’m a creator. Leaving craters in this earth as a testament

We’re all craving the moment that our name will rise with the best of them.

The best of men are crazy enough to realize my sentiments.

What we observe and invent in life is worth more than the money spent.

I’m rich. I have five dollars.  Four gallons in the tank

Three late bills.  Two broke accounts at the bank

One life to live by.  No way of dying

If my body falls below, my soul will keep flying.

High up in the sky.  Money just weighs me down

As long as I have my mind, nothing can take me down

As long as I can love, be alive, and be healthy

No matter what my fate brings, I will be wealthy


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