I Hosted My First Panel, and it Will Not Be My Last

Several times I have watched as a panel unfolds, and wondered to myself if I could do anything interesting for the anime community the same way these people are. If you have been to an anime convention, chances are your curiosity led you into a panel room at least one time or another. Some of them are brilliant. Panels that are a highlight of the convention, and have fans excited to return the next year. Other, however, not so much. Sometimes the subject of the panel simply doesn’t draw a crowd, or the host does a poor job of crafting an exciting atmosphere or discussion. Continue reading

Spring 2015 Anime – Week 9 Impressions

I had to take a couple weekends off again due to training for a promotion. So there’s a huge step up in my life affairs! In addition, I find that, most of the time, I catch up on weekly anime right before the next week episodes start airing, which makes my weekly write up seem like old news before I even start it. Well I don’t want to miss another week so here I am starting a blog at 1 AM. This week was primarily satisfactory on all fronts but didn’t really have anything to seal the deal as an episode to remember. I guess I should be glad that Fate/Stay is past one of it’s most contrived confrontations and that My Love Story is continually honing it’s craft at being a terrific romantic comedy. Blood Blockade Battlefront brought us another creative episode, and Arslan is confidently building it’s world with more interesting pieces. So with that said, let’s once again leave our mundane world for a bit and talk about ANIME. Continue reading