Cosplay Wishlist Countdown – 2015

It’s con season with my three favorite local conventions coming around the bend much faster than I had anticipated. While I’m not much of a cosplayer, I will be attempting to make one, but if I don’t have it in time, it’s no big deal. I prefer, over anything, just darting around and taking pictures of the people who dedicate their lives to this stuff. I’m an appreciator, much more than a practitioner.

Last summer I made a countdown of what new cosplays I’d like to see the most at the conventions I go to throughout the year. It has pretty much been a year, since then, and sadly, out of the ten I posted, I have only seen two. I hope this year bears more fruitful results.

So what makes this wishlist? Basically, I form this list around new cosplays. Characters who have been introduced into my life within the last year, but if there are some from before that timeframe that I’m still just burning to see, I’ll throw them onto the list as well. This time, if I ever come across somebody who actually cosplays something from this list, I would dearly love to feature them. I’ve been meaning to interview more cosplayers and get a bit more of that type of stuff to beef up my blog. Anyways, you all have cosplays to work on, so let’s get into it!

Last Year Leftovers…That I Still Care About

Dark Gon (Hunter X Hunter)

I was already desperate last year. Now I’m positively begging. Somebody do this insane cosplay. I don’t know how to do it. I have no advice for you. But…I guarantee you’ll be trying to swat me away with how many photos I’d want to take. Hunter X Hunter has finally, FINALLY, became popular enough to be a major cosplay force at the conventions, but this behemoth has yet to happen, at least as far as I have seen.

The Bender Villains (Legend of Korra)

This is still a group cosplay I am dying to see. These villains were the most visually interesting, and arguably the best ones introduced throughout the Korra series. I figured this one would happen, but I’m sadly shocked that I haven’t seen these benders traipse through the con halls yet, instigating violence in the name of the Red Lotus.

And now the actual countdown…

16. Y’shtola (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn)

While this game is over a year old, I didn’t start playing it till late last year when I finally got my PS4. Amongst the many main characters in this MMO, Y’shtola is one of the ones that stood out the most, and apparently the fans agree because she’s the representative character of FFXIV in the upcoming sequel to Dissidia, the Final Fantasy fighting game.

15. Takeo and Rinko (My Love Story)

This adorable couple are dominating the shoujo anime slot right now. With Takeo being the manliest of men, and Rinko being the most feminine of females, this couple has to be recreated in real life. The more life-like, the better. I have seen pictures online, but I need to see it in person to really connect it back to the anime.

14. Kousei and Kaori (Your Lie in April)

I didn’t think I’d want to see these two as the anime was first making it’s rounds, but as the romance deepened, and the story darkened, I started to become entranced. The awkward start aside, this became one of the most evocative anime I’ve seen, and I am also a huge fan of music, so to see Kousei and Kaori, perhaps with a violin and piano would trigger the inner romantic in me more than anything else this year.

13. Kanie and Sento (Amagi Brilliant Park)

This wonderful comedy struck right at home thanks to living right by the largest theme park in the world. Their outfits actually look really nice to me, and their personality shined enough to make a lasting impression on me. Especially if I can get a picture of Sento using her gun on Kanie. The more the merrier in this case, so if I could get a great group representing more of the cast, I’d be in heaven.

12. Akame (Akame ga Kill)

I managed to snag one picture at Megacon, so this one almost doesn’t count. However I didn’t get an ideal picture, nor did I have time to congratulate her on cosplaying someone I wanted to see so dearly. Akame is the bad ass heroine I always wanted. Draped in black and red, swinging a deadly katana, and having the combat prowess to take on almost any enemy. I’d especially love to see the demon form from the second picture.

11. Slaine Troyard (Aldnoah Zero)

This man made the entire anime. A sub-par mech anime with a main character I could care less to forget, Slaine Troyard almost made me love this anime. Well, it didn’t quite work, but it still makes me deeply desire to see him cosplayed so I can give him my personal salutations. He’s a sympathetic soul who managed to almost take over an empire off of his determination alone.

10. Shinichi and Migi (Parasyte)

I need to see this just to see how people do it. An amorphous right hand is no easy thing to just throw together haphazardly for a cosplay. The anime struck a chord with me, and remains one of my favorite sci-fi anime, so I’d love to see it get its love at the conventions. A challenging one, no doubt, but there are some truly talented cosplayers out there who should be able to tackle this one no problem.

9. Eileen the Crow (Bloodborne)

There are a few characters I’d love to see from this bloody and brilliant game. Gehrman represents the victorian era used in Bloodborne perfectly, while Logarius makes an intimidating appearance during his boss fight. However, none of those characters made a more memorable impression than Eileen the Crow, only because she appears intermittently throughout the game, and her outfit is just too cool. Also, unlike bosses, NPC’s can gesture, making even better photo opportunities!

8. Yotsugi Ononoki (Tsukimonogatari)

While the title character was Tsukihi, the character that stole the spotlight in this newest arc of Monogatari was Yotsugi, with her hybrid robot/pop idol behavior and eccentric character design. She’s essentially a doll, but still one of the coolest characters in Monogatari, and the newest to get a ton of screen time. I shouldn’t have trouble finding this one, I hope.

7. Koto (Kyousougiga)

Partly because of the hyper-feels of the anime, and partly because her hammer looks ridiculously awesome, Koto is the character that’s new to me, even if the anime aired long before 2015. I just watched this semi-convoluted masterpiece a few months ago and fell in love with it. A few characters in there would be choice cosplays, but Koto’s personality and storyline keep my attachments primarily with her. I’d never say no to a group though.

6. Yona and the Four Dragons (Yona of the Dawn)

I thought this anime was going to be horrible. Then I thought it was going to be decent. Now I’m pretty much in love with it. This is largely in part to the four dragon warriors she journeys to find, and how she changes while doing so. I also love traditional oriental clothing, so this would be delightful to see. Blue dragon is best dragon.

5. D’vorah (Mortal Kombat X)

The coolest new character to grace the roster of Mortal Kombat with the latest release is the triple-agent, bug lady who kicks ass in and out of the story. Her design looks slightly alien, and even though she’s a bug, she’s still a really intricate, and well-designed character. Mortal Kombat is rather timeless, but I hope people latch onto this character as much as I did, and decide to bring her to life.

4. Favaro and Amira (Rage of Bahamut)

This was the ultimate fantasy anime of last year, and a sequel was just announced last week. This anime isn’t going anywhere, so any time is right to cosplay it! The character designs were all so amazing that this would make one of the most distinctive group cosplays of the convention if all the main characters banded together. But standing above them all is anime’s very own Jack Sparrow, and the deadly, beautiful Amira, the duo I’d want to see the most.

3. Nona (Death Parade)

Behold, my anime crush of 2015, at least thus far. This silver-haired (my weakness) vixen is one of the top brass in the elaborately constructed lair of the afterlife. While she wasn’t a main character, she was central to most of the plot, and I loved her little quirks as well as her character design. I also loved her way of thinking and her no-nonsense approach to everything. I rarely take pictures with the cosplayer, but this is one I’d definitely have to have a picture with.

2. Caster (Fate Stay Night)

Of all the servants and masters in the gorgeous remake of Fate Stay Night, Caster is the one who’s design and elegance just takes my breath away. The way her robes mimic butterfly wings, and her hood that mysteriously covers the top half of her face, is oozing with the mage-style I like. Even when we finally see her with her hood down, she has those elvish ears and long blue hair. I’d love to see either form, or someone go all the way and do both. Her master would be easy to throw in as a partner as he’s just a dude in a suit with glasses.

1. Maniwa Corps (Katanagatari)

This anime is a few years old, but I watched it for the first time late last year and I absolutely fell in love with it. It’s the latest addition to my little group of 10/10 rated anime. Literally every character in this anime is cosplay-worthy. It has some of the most stunning character design I’ve ever seen. Since I personally want to do the main character, and I have a friend doing Togame, those are things already partially checked off the wishlist. This just leaves the entirety of the Maniwa corps, and to have a picture of the all those animal-themed ninjas would just make my day.

Last year I had two out of ten, so this year I’m hoping for at least five out of fifteen. Regardless, the beauty of cosplay is that there are characters I’m not even thinking of, or more standard characters done in highly original ways. I know I will be impressed no matter what convention I go to, but if I can manage to find a couple of these, I will be undoubtedly happy. For my readers and congoers, what cosplays are you looking forward to seeing. If you are a cosplayer yourself, what cosplays are you looking forward to completing this year?

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