Winter 2015 Anime – Week 3 Impressions

Week 3 concluded with a little bit more grace with most of the anime I follow with the likes of Tokyo Ghoul and Death Parade being surprisingly mellow and short on extremities. This week also marks the premiere of the last anime I was interested in checking out this season, Isuca. So let’s start from the worst of the week and work our way up! Continue reading

Winter 2015 Anime – Premiere Impressions (+ Week 2)

Oh no, I’m late!!  Sorry folks. I’ve been excited to write about this season but with a Magic pre-release last weekend and a fiasco involving my car getting towed, my time was stretched too thin. So here I am at the tail end of week 2, which should actually give me a bit more depth and room to explore each anime than a blog covering a single week. So we’re in anime “off-season” now, which typically means the number of great anime dials back by a considerable amount. Spring and Fall are usually the two big ones, with less anime peppered between them to create our Summer and Winter lineups. This time, however, we have several continuing anime as well as a breakthrough original anime that could single-handedly make this season something to remember. Let’s get started, from worst to best as always! Continue reading

2014 – Anime of the Year Awards

2014 is over, meaning the 70+ anime I was watching that had episodes airing this year are ultimately behind me. This also marks my first complete year as an anime blogger, so this is the first time I’ve gotten to reflect on a full year of anime consumption. I’m not here to act like a pretentious critic, because these aren’t really awards as much as they are celebratory commendations. The anime industry has such a colorful and creative existence, that it wholly deserves to be considered in the same vain as an award show, so I’m going to do my best to make this at least a bit organized and serious.

Let’s lay down some ground rules. I am only nominating and declaring winners from the pool of anime that I have watched, or attempted to watch. There are a couple that managed to slip by me. There are even some that I will admit are probably well made, but are so far from my personal preferences that I don’t care to watch them just for the sake of their popularity. This means certain anime, like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, are not being considered. I am also being a bit impartial in my selections as well, but there are anime that appeal to me more than I believe they will appeal to the masses. It’s a bit of a mix of both. Rest assured, the winners of each category are hopefully justified. So let’s get started! I’ll be your host, and this is a celebration of the greatness that anime achieved in 2014! The first awards will only discuss the winner, but the main awards will also list the nominees in alphabetical order, followed by the runner up, and concluding with the winner!

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Mushishi – Top 15 Most Incredible Mushi

Mushishi is my favorite anime. I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably be saying it for years on end. Mushishi captivates again and again with it’s vast array of supernatural phenomena intermixed with tender and emotional character stories. It’s a testament to the writing and imagination people are capable of, and I always feel privileged to have seen this anime. At first, I wanted to do a countdown of the best episodes, but I can do that for ANY anime. Instead, I want to do something a bit more true to the show, and rank the Mushi themselves, regardless of how good their episode was.

Mushi, for those who have yet to see this anime, are ethereal beings that hover on the edge of existence. They can barely be perceived, yet they affect the world in very real ways. The numerous capabilities they have of changing the world and afflicting it with different conditions have given us an outstandingly great list to choose from. Every episode has a new Mushi, and every single one of them would be a privilege to write about. But we’re here to pick the coolest ones. The most interesting, complex, or imaginative of these little suckers to compare and lay out for all to see. I have a tendency to forget certain episodes because they don’t have a continuing storyline, so delving through them again reawakened my appreciation for this anime. Mushishi has delivered more quality stories than any other anime I’ve seen, but before we delve into the fifteen best Mushi, we have one to discuss that is the foundation of all Mushi.

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