Anime New Year’s Resolution (And I made a Facebook Page!)

I love stories. I feel like my life’s fulfillment is largely governed by how much of this world’s riches I experience, and while riches and wealth seem perfectly synonymous, the greatest of this world’s riches are it’s stories. And stories are communicated in many different ways. None of these mediums speak to me more than anime. As such, I feel like anime is a part of me. I am not one without my anime. I use it to relate to so many things that it’s become part of my identity. So what should my new years resolution be? Well, watch more anime is an easy one, but 2014 was my year of watching as much anime as I could, and I managed to watch the entire top 100 anime on anime planet, save for a couple that I just don’t have any interest in like Major, the baseball series. Sure I have my typical goals of paying it forward on my bills, moving to a new house, getting promoted, but those are things that all just keep me functional in society. What I want is a goal that’s about doing what I want, and that’s talking about anime. Even more demanding than that, is my new partnership with an artist I met to make our first manga together. It’s all so Bakuman that you’d throw up.

Because of this I launched my Facebook page (prematurely last week) more of a promise to myself that I am taking my anime enthusiasm to the web more than ever this year. I’ll be blogging more, of course, but I wanted to do something different, so I decided trying to get a little group on Facebook would be a natural step. Also, this year, I plan on hosting my first panel at a local anime convention. I’m nervous as heck to be forming words from my vocal chords rather than my keyboard, but I don’t know of any other way to introduce myself to the public than to talk about anime.

So is this Facebook page a big deal? Not really. I mainly made it because I knew I wanted to have more anime updates, but I didn’t want to bog my family down with stuff they definitely don’t understand, so I made a dedicated page just for my anime posts. As such, I figured I might as well try to run it competently so I will try to have a good place for discussions with an active community. This is all, in time, however. If you already follow my blog for the anime stuff, then chances are liking my page will make your facebook feed a bit more anime-centric too. I don’t spam, nor will I ever. I will only post thoughts on currently airing episode as well as daily themed things like fanart friday once I get the hang of everything.

What’s this panel I’ll be hosting? I don’t quite know for sure, but I’m leaning towards a panel about great scenes in anime. Not whole episodes, but not quite as small as a line or moment. There are scenes that I wholly believe, even out of context of the anime, demonstrate the clear boundaries this medium has transcended. Scenes such as Gon having his mental breakdown in the Chimera Ant Arc that has terrific voice acting, writing, and animation, or like the revelation of All is one and One is All in Fullmetal Alchemist which is terrific writing and imagery. The stream of conscious scenes from Evangelion. There are tons of these that I feel could be shared with people who might otherwise avoid these anime for the wrong reasons. I want to avoid big spoilers so I won’t show anything that’s a plot twist, but I might do minor spoilers just to set the scene up.

This manga I mentioned is just getting started so I probably won’t bring it up for a while, but we’re definitely making steady progress. I think around June onward, I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to it!

Besides that, I am just going to be writing blog after blog on here as well. I have yet to talk about anime as much as I truly want to, so I can’t wait to do that. I thank all of you who have followed me. I just hit 50 followers in my first year a couple days ago, so that means I want to aim for 100 by the end of next year, at least!

Thanks to all of you who follow me. And if you followed for my other content, like my magic card updates or poetry, more of that is on the way too. I’d like to give a special shout out to The Otaku Judge, a fellow blogger on here who has been my most frequent commenter and supporter. He’s kept my blog from looking totally dead, and I owe that person for this!

So what’s on the pipeline for the beginning of the new year? Well, since Mushishi just wrapped up (save for the movie this summer) I think a Mushishi themed countdown might be nice. I’ll also be doing a corny anime award for the year of 2014 with joke awards and serious awards. I have a blog that’s a collection of useful websites and sources of information for anime fans aimed at people still getting into this whole anime thing, and finally a long look at animation studios, and what my particular favorites art, complete with tons of pretty artwork. XD

Again, thank you all for following and reading, and if you want more anime on your facebook, I’d be grateful for any follower there too! My page is A Simple Lotus!


5 thoughts on “Anime New Year’s Resolution (And I made a Facebook Page!)

  1. This was a great read. You seem to have a lot of passion for japanese anime considering how in-depth your post was about Mushishi. I’m eager to read more of what you will offer in the 2015 New Year!

    • Thanks man, you do as well! You’re the type of blogger I like to follow, and it just makes the community feel stronger, and smarter. I’ll write about Mushishi my whole life. XD

      • Same here. Anime has always been an important part of my life as well! Mushishi is especially brilliant on how well it tones down and steps back from the normal or rather generic anime series and the tropes they contain. A wondrous journey that is fresh and new each episode. Sometimes i wish a lot of other series would take note of this series and last year’s Space Dandy. Hopefully Dead Parade will follow this trend as well.

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