Corsia – MTG Story Adaptation – Planeswalkers, Part 1

Thanks to the suggestion of someone on the MTG forums, I am now jumping ahead to spoil some planeswalkers! I mentioned in the original post that this is a set that focuses heavily on the planeswalker card type. In the story, the main villian’s immediate motivation is to replicate and experiment on the planeswalker spark in his lunacy and determination to wield every type of magic he comes across. When I say, “Planeswalkers matter,” it means two things. First, there are A LOT of planeswalkers in this expansion. Just over 80. I have three planeswalkers representing every mono, dual, and tri-colored combination of magic colors.  Secondly, there are a few cards that interact with planeswalkers or use them in new ways, which I will also preview alongside the planeswalkers themselves. I’ll be splitting this into two parts. In this post, I’ll cover 2 of the 3 planeswalkers of each color. In the second post, I’ll cover the third (and personal favorite) of each color as well as the unique ones.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Prologue


Part 1: The 5 mono-colored civilizations of Kuo

Part 2: The 10 dual-colored civilizations of Kuo

Part 3: The 10 tri=colored civilizations of Kuo (Coming Soon)

Part 4: The 15 mono-colored and dual-colored civilizations of Corsia (Coming Soon)


Part 1: Kuo Legends and Locales

Part 2: Corsian Legends and Locales

Part 3: The Quest Lands – Lotus’ Journey

Part 4: Planeswalkers, Part 1 (YOU ARE HERE)

Part 5: Planeswalkers, Part 2

Mechanics and Abilities:

Part 1: The 25 Kuo Keywords

Part 2: All Color Keywords and other abilities (Coming Soon)

Full Spoiler (Coming Later)

MTG Variant – Walking the Planes (Coming Last)




Pro-Planeswalker Cards


Withstand Heat is a basic red/white turnaround card, but this time it has the power of a mythic rare, and a new way to surprise people with your planeswalkers. Someone swinging for 5 at a planeswalker hoping to kill it may just end up with an ultimate to the face the very next turn thanks to this card. Since it’s an X spell, it’s early game use is very weak, but thanks to it’s options, it’s still a versatile card. It’s not really designed with aggro in mind, but rather stabilization.


Resplendant Wings is one of only two cards in the expansion that can enchant planeswalkers. This one performs the unique ability of giving your planeswalker flying, meaning non-flying creatures simply can’t attack it. It saves your planeswalkers from pesky tokens and big-bodied tramplers, but you’ll have to find another way to deal with the accuracy of fliers.


Droplet of Humanity is the new and much better cloudshift. This card should be a serious staple in most decks. For one, it has a colorless casting cost of 1, despite being all colors. You can run it in any deck. It can also regain control of your creatures because, unlike cloudshift, you can blink your opponents creatures, this can also ruin combat tricks as well. The best part, however, is it’s ability to target planeswalkers. You can lose some loyalty for a powerful ability, then simply blink it, to have it re-enter with a full dosage of loyalty. Maybe I should bump this up to a rare?

Vivid Epiphany is a game changer card, so obviously it should cost all five colors. It’s ability is so strong that it’s almost like this card as free, or more like, you get your mana back. The instant speed allows you to blitz the lands in right before your opponent’s turn ends, then play the planeswalker with ample mana to spare. Vivid Epiphany represents having a vision so real that it pretty much becomes your new reality. It follows the Kuo logic of magic stemming from the heart and soul while Corsians derive their magic from the mind and body.

The Crown of Corsia is the crown the villain makes when he becomes a planeswalker. To rebrief you, Melding, rather than equipping, means the equipment card BECOMES a copy of the planeswalker, while the original is sacrificed, keeping any loyalty counters already on it as well as the equipments original abilities. It wildly enhances what a planeswalker card can do. It’s a high price to equip, but attached to pretty much any planeswalker and the crown would make it utterly frightening.

Ah yes, there is even a land that works in tandem with planeswalkers, and that is the legendary palace of Corsia itself, Rhun. Built as the ultimate aether-filled center of mana, it allows those endowed with the spark to produce their own mana. Tapping planeswalkers has never been done before, and it never really matters whether they are tapped or not. However, this land pretty much turns your planeswalkers into lands as well.

Now what event brought the planeswalker spark to the Kuo, who wielded it long before Corsians discovered it? Well, it’s this artificial construct, which is the predecessor of Waux, the current planeswalking god of Kuo. The Bearer of Humanity is the largest creature in the set and boasts a really good planeswalker ability. By sacrificing a creature, you get a planeswalker. Now you can’t sacrifice tokens, of course. It’s not that bad, but just by having this guy enter the field, you can turn your field of five creatures into five planeswalkers of your choice.

Anti-Planeswalker Cards


There are a ton of cards that can simply destroy planeswalkers, so I didn’t really include those. I chose the ones that target planeswalkers specifically in new and interesting ways. At the lowest rarity here, uncommon, is this lovely little aura. You basically force a planeswalker into insanity, making it potentially use abilities it can’t handle yet, and doing so results in it’s immediate death. For only two mana, it’s a decent answer for planeswalkers that have abilities you just don’t want happening.

This is the leader of the red/white Fourdin civilization, which harbors a natural enmity for planeswalkers. It makes sense that the leader would as well. Greant is the most knowledgeable Kuo in the realm of killing planeswalkers. His mere presence can shake the loyalty of any planeswalker who glimpses him. Just by having him on the field, there are several planeswalkers that can’t even enter the battlefield because of the loyalty restriction he imposes. On top of that, he has Callous, the Fourdin signature mechanic that lets them deal damage to all planeswalkers opponents control when they attack them. He IS the answer to planeswalkers.

Rixxa is the lover of the villain of this world who died before the villain had most of his power. Upon attaining it, he attempted to rebuild her as he remembered her, but she ultimately became a lost cause. A tragic shadow of the woman Rixxa once was. However, as a card, she is a planeswalker devastator. She can turn any planeswalker into a vulnerable little 0/1 creature, after which, you just have to add once ounce of burn to handle the problem.

Now let’s introduce the villain himself, Ovien, the Corsian leader who is obsessed with the planeswalker spark. He has forcefully imbued himself with so many artificial sparks that his physical form has changed to an indescribable mess. He has yet to succeed in actually becoming a planeswalker of his own, merely only being able to copy others. That’s right, this guy is a board wipe and a cloner. After wiping the field of planeswalkers, he can pretty much harvest their image, use their ultimate, then move on to the next one. He is both an anti-planeswalker card and a pro-planeswalker card at the same time.  Now, let’s get to some planeswalkers, shall we?

Planeswalkers – Monocolored


Cayela hails from Oiara and finds it’s harsh conditions a simple leisure. She is masterful in all kinds of weapons training. She had her Spark awakened when her closest comrades were close to slaughter by an opposing group of bandits, and she managed to awaken and save them by lifting the weight of their swords and shields and shouting words of encouragement. After that, she has dedicated her life to teaching the ways of self-defense and combat to all of her close friends. They say to wield a sword alone makes you a man, but wielding a sword by her side makes you an army. Just to clarify her ultimate ability. It means if you have an equipment that says equipped creature gets +2/+2, then after her ultimate, it will now read “creatures you control get +2/+2”  You don’t even have to equip the equipment to anyone at this point.

And here is one of the pair of four-ability planeswalkers in the expansion. Leatrice is a Corsian who was exiled from Corsia after seemingly having no reaction to Ovien’s planeswalker experiments. Little did he know, that Leatrice’s artificial spark actually awakened as she became emotionally overwhelmed at the home she had to leave behind. Her demeanor is so passive that birds tend to flock to her to bask in her warm aura. She’s a tricky card to master as her ultimate simply paves the way to use her 0 ability to it’s highest potential. Leatrice is at her strongest when she pledges loyalty to no one, due to her fear of being abandoned and turned against.

Lischa is Nerath’s newest planeswalker. She had her spark awakened as she trained herself to her limit in the ocean currents. She has gained amazing control over the element of water and uses it to strengthen herself or keep enemies at bay. She even prefers to fight from lake floors as opposed to being out in the air, despite not being a merfolk. She has a friendly personality, and seems easily swayed, but once you try, you’ll find yourself against one stern customer.

The man who knows Arvedan Sea the most is Rhyfeil, the explorer. He is known as Arvedan’s Depth because he has seen more of what lies in it’s deep waters than anyone else. They say Arvedan, the Sea’s monstrous guardian itself, is hunting for him because of something he stole. His spark was awakened during a close encounter with Arvedan. The monster attacked his vessel and was caught in it’s tentacle’s grasp when he triggered his spark and he cleverly used his mana to blind Arvedan and he slipped out of it’s grip and held his breath underwater until Arvedan eventually pressed onward.  As a card he offers plenty of treasures from player’s libraries. Uniquely, his +1 is an ability that shouldn’t be used two turns in a row, so long as you’re drawing only one card per turn. It’s not as good as a simple tutor, but it’s a delayed one that still works out if you have multiple drawing triggers per turn.

Dyst is an extremely intelligent zombie that has managed to regain all of his humanity by simply relearning everything in this world as if he was a growing child. His spark was awakened upon his death. It failed to save him, but it lived on in his necromanced body giving it the ability to learn. Despite having knowledge, he is incredibly socially awkward and has no sense of dialogue. As a card, he offers a great advantage of keeping defense on your side. He’s built to sustain into the late game. His ultimate is designed to be used in case you want to board wipe or swing out without worrying about losing your creatures.

Miena is a prodigal necromancer who can not only raise the dead, but erase all memory of them as well. She can tempt your memory just as easily as your soul. Her spark awakened when she was trying to bring back her husband’s life after accidentally killing him during one of her experiments. She was still unable to, but she was able to summon a soul that represented his image. She journeys to the other black aligned civilizations to find more about what she can do to bring her husband back. She worries often over whether she’ll ever succeed, but she clings to that hope like it’s her only strength. As a card, she starts off weak. But if her ultimate hits, it leaves your opponent ever weaker with no resources and possible game winning cards missing from the deck.

Ga’ahili is the sister of Gava’ii and is one of the most renowned barbarians in Aurima. She travels the world in search of her sister, whom she believes to be dead. Her spark was triggered when she witnessed her sister getting killed by a mage, upon which she uncontrollably transported herself to another plane, and when she came back, she was in a part of Kuo she’d never been before, and her mind unhinged toward the hyper violent side. As a card, she has a unique design that almost lets her use her ultimate turn after turn. It’s not a particularly strong ultimate since it only lasts a turn, but the fact that it’s almost guaranteed to get that much loyalty back upon dealing damage that you’ll be able to use it every turn.

Ghado has mastered a very peculiar form of magic involving channeling fire under high pressure to create explosions. His spark was triggered when his home was destroyed during a meteor storm. He saw the explosion in what seemed like slow motion and his mind instantly learned how to create the same type of devastation, but during that process, he lost his eyesight. He’s now seen as a walking meteor storm.  He roams the world hopelessly, trying to find away to restore his eyesight so that he may return to his village and bury his family.

Deyath is an elf from Trimensa who aspired to be it’s new king, but could never find the opportunity. His spark was awakened when he was caught trying to assassinate the king himself, and as he was surrounded, he transformed growing horns on his head and his ears increased in length. He became incredibly agile and the forest seemed to bow at his whim. However, with all this power, he simply turned around and vanished. Now he ventures aimlessly, slowly amassing a following of other journeying creatures. He has a nomadic army making sure that he’s never in harms way out in the wild.

Samasa is a shaman from Trimensa who communes with nature to an obsessive level. Many think her spark triggered when her son was killed in a fire, but Samasa won’t think twice to admit that it was actually because of her favorite tree being set alight. She loves nature more than her family, and she sees nothing wrong with that. She travels the world healing and helping the forests, therefore many travelers see her as innocent and just.

Planeswalkers – Dual Colored


Chylan is one of the angel soldiers stationed at Ovedin. Her combat prowess gained her enough recognition to become a general within weeks. Her spark was awakened during a rare time that Ovedin was almost overpowered by Fiotte’s dragons attempting to feed on it’s denizens. Her aura became incredibly cold and now, wherever she flies, she brings a frigid atmosphere that causes stiff movement amongst her enemies. This chill is still rumored to be around Ovedin which keeps many attackers at bay.

Piyas is a legendary swordsman who dreams of seeking out Cayela, the white planeswalker to challenge her to a duel. His ice manipulating powers seem to be limitless but it’s actually his hypnotic gaze that freezes you to the bone. His spark was triggered when he was gravely wounded and left to freeze out in a snowy forest. All of a sudden, the snow became warm, and he could feel a burning sensation in his eyes. His best use of his ability is using his gaze to sense the best weapon for any ally, and using his ice manipulation to create one anew for them to wield.

Chi-ioux is a Corsian who volunteered for one of Ovien’s horrific planeswalker experiments. The result was the awakening of a corrupted spark that wields him a lot of power. But using his magic at all simply drains away his life energy, hastening his approach towards death. He’s considered one of the strongest planeswalkers, but he uses his magic wisely and chooses to avoid battle if possible. His grip on sanity is slowly waning and his eyes are becoming more vengeful with each passing day. He may eventually want to return the favor to Ovien for his aimless life. As you can see, he starts with a whopping 20 loyalty. That’s the life of a brand new player. However, all of his abilities can only decrease that amount. This is to truly reflect that he is only leading himself to his own death.

Quiqua is an eccentric wizard who harbors a schadenfreude love of seeing others become just as insane as he is. By being crazy himself, he knows exactly what it takes to break the psyche of anyone he comes across. No one really knows how his spark was awakened, but some say he wears a mask because his face was burned to the point where the pain caused him to go insane.

Wrea is a Corsian Elite who became the first successful result of Ovien’s planeswalker experiments. Her affinity for her own kind is paramount and she exists only to serve the Corsian empire. She has an infatuation with Ovien, and has always harbored a jealousy over Ovien’s obsession over his dead wife. She aims to prove her worth out on the battlefield by leading the invasion on Kuo. She is easily one of the best planeswalker cards, and even without her ultimate, you could almost run her efficiently in any red/black deck.

Ziqua is a warrior native to Sikha, but she left early on to journey the world, even without a planeswalker spark. It is common knowledge that only planeswalkers, or the strongest of creatures can survive the wildlands between any two civilizations, and this meant that early on in her adventure, she was attacked by a savage angel. The angel lifted her into the sky and flung her from as high as the clouds to her intended death, but Ziqua’s spark awakened and she slung a mana stream at the angel and pulled it towards her. She ripped off it’s white wings and she sealed them to her body. As she did, they slowly turned black. She now harbors an intense dislike for all angels.

Tai Tai is a fire nymph who lived happily in Mosscliff. It wasn’t until a group of new nymphs came into her life and bullied her excessively that her spark was awakened. Her tail transformed into it’s new devil-ish form and stabbed one of the nymphs with it. Then she fled the city before she faced her consequences. Now she seeks out other nymphs, looking to impose her superiority to them and eventually forget the nymphs who belittled her.

Yomura was a simple scarecrow. A nearly lifeless being that had enough consciousness to release mana to attract the pests. However, there was a little girl that always came and spoke with him. Even though he could not respond, he listened and grew to rely on her company. One day she was telling him a story when a poisonous spider bit her on the neck. She died in front of him, and the scarecrow felt an overwhelming emotion as his sentient spark was finally awakened. His body is made mostly of mana, and he travels the world collecting famine and plague-ridden beasts from around the world. Many view him as an evil being that brings devastation, but he’s simply trying to honor the girls memory by ridding the world of all disease.

Bruka is the true planeswalking form of the legendary creature, Bruka, Secreted Hope. Bruka knows that planeswalkers can sense each other, so he travels the world in his creature form which makes him unable to be sensed. He has no destination, and journeys puretly for the sake of honest enjoyment and tries to help people he sees on his travels. His spark was awakened the very first time he saved someone’s life. Their gratitude moved him so much that his spark ignited out of sheer joy.

Leora is an elf tribalist who wants to unite all the elves under Diisima’s rule. The Trimensan elves prove very hard to convince, but that is her current goal. Her spark was awakened when a tornado descended in the field she was traveling in. As a rock almost flew at a blinding speed right into her head, her spark awakened and she withstood the impact suffering almost no damage. She is one of the most famous elves, but they say her loyalty to Diisima is slowly slipping and that she’ll eventually want to take over Diisima itself.

Argonas was a Corsian researcher tasked with the abstract subject of death. His spark was awakened as he was trying to remove his soul from his own body. His spark grasped onto his soul and attached it to his body with renewed vigor. This gave Argonas an epiphany and he finally understood all of death’s secrets. With this newfound wisdom, he now sought a different outcome than Ovien and secretly left the Corsian Empire to assume the task of the world’s first grim reaper.

If Argonas is the master of death from the view of the living, then Eaava is the master of death from the view of those who already are dead. Eaava is a spirit through and through. He spent decades simply haunting places that triggered his memories when he finally met someone who could see him. This gave him a new perception of himself, and as the man turned to leave, he reached out to say thanks, and a hand actually manifested. His spark awakened at the mere sense of self after almost a century of not having any thought nor care about who he was.

Irisviel is a forsaken project, created by Ovien as one of his first planeswalker experiments. This time it was to create an mechanical body, and combine it with an artificial spark. While it succeeded to some respect, Irisviel swore no loyalty and harbored little emotion, a trait that Ovien was unsatisfied with. She is locked away in a cell, at Ovien’s orders in case he needs her for continued research, and in her loneliness, she has crafted several dolls to keep her company.

Ryuka is a planeswalker that inhabits Tenia Sea. Tenia gained it’s recognition as the most violent of the seas because of Ryuka’s uncontrollable anger. Ryuka’s spark was awakened by a wish she made to the Tenia Gulf Granter, a large creature, whom the sea is named after that is supposedly able to grant wishes. However, after Ryuka made the wish, the spark didn’t seem to awaken at all. She assumed that it failed, but during her next battle with a harpoon ship, she was pierced in the neck, and her rage seemed to explode. She pulled the harpoon out of her neck and used it to skewer every sailor on the ship that fell into the water. She now wields this harpoon as a symbol of her power.

Akvras is a gorgon planeswalker (and yes that is an anagram of Vraska, one of my favorite planeswalkers.)  Her origins are known to almost no one, but the Levyrian civilization, known for their vast collection of myths and legends, has her entire history. Her spark was awakened when she accidentally petrified the one she loved. She spoke her confession to his stony corpse and despite having the ability to travel across planes, she simply lies in wait with her lover’s statue, constantly fixing it and preventing anyone from breaking it.

Mhodhes is a Levyrian Lich who demands balance of life and death. He offers power to anyone willing to “donate” to death, since he sees the world’s balance as severely tipped in life’s favor. He used to be a judge, and his fondness of having a say in what’s right or wrong still continues. His spark was awakened when he sentenced a group of criminals to death without even looking at them, and then realizing after the execution that one of them was his son. They say that he views the balance as unfavorably because as long as other father’s have their sons, then the living have more privilege than the dead.

Hankras (yet again, an anagram of Sarkhan, another one of my favorite planeswalkers) is a dodgy, and thrill seeking barbarian who loves to fight in the most grueling of battles. He has fought dragons head to head many times and upon one fateful duel, his spark was awakened to the point where he overpowered the dragons completely. They have a mutual respect and the dragons offer him aid in his times of need. He is considered to be such a gambler that he will lay down his sword to a superior foe, just for the small change that they lower their guard just enough for him to go in for a bare-handed kill. To describe his emblem ability, it basically means whenever an opponent blocks, you never know what it’s going to block until the roll of a die. This puts your opponent at a serious disadvantage on defense.

Vendel is one of the few planeswalkers from Kuo that chose to visit other planes for most of her life. She came back with odd trinkets of all kinds. Because of this, she has a natural aptitude for dealing with dormant magic she comes across while traveling, namely enchantments. Her spark was awakened as a young teenager when her father tried to shelter her from the outside world. Her father had an obsession with his own daughter that made her sick to her stomach. Upon attaining the spark, she traveled for so long, just to feel like she truly left her father behind. There’s no telling what will happen if she meets him again.

The commander of the Viasma Ocean, Argu is the biggest threat in the largest body of water on Kuo. Argu was thrown into the ocean by hunters that killed his family in a nearby onshore lake, and they thought the salt water would kill him. Instead, his spark triggered, and he communicated with all the nearby sea creatures to destroy the ship. He now seeks to amass an army and build a new civilization that would make Nerath, the mono blue sea empire, pale in comparison.

Estaya is a centaur who travels the land in secret. They say her presence is incredibly hard to detect, but that those around her slowly lose her sanity, and even forget where their homes are. A large percentage of the unoccupied lands in Kuo belong to her. She controls the most territory out of any single creature or person outside of a civilization except for a mythical being named Yenn at the edge of the world. Her spark was awakened when her fellow centaurs abolished her for abandoning them in a battle, when in truth she was merely trying to get into a good position to use her archery to take the leader out. Upon trying to prove her point, her friends slowly lost their minds and she was left arguing with people who no longer even recognized her.

Planeswalkers – Tricolored

Merret is an artificer who preferred to experiment on live animals. When his son snuck into his lab, he accidentally set the constructs free, and they mauled him to death. Distraught over his sons death, Merret’s spark awakened and all manner of devices floated towards him and he became a mechanical monstrosity. He travels the world in shame, hateful of his own appearance, and seeks some form of redemption for his guilt. He constantly tells himself “I could build a better father than I’ll ever be.”

Muella is a historian and scholar who dreamed of traveling the world since she was a kid. She read books non-stop and when she learned all she could, she tried to secretly travel to Levyr, the civilization of ancient knowledge. Upon sneaking into their libary, she discovered that all the stories she read as a kid were lies. Stories she used to gain inspiration from turned out to be bloody tales of hate and revenge. Her spark awakened in this confusion and she now opposes Levyr and aims to tell stories that only inspire, and don’t contain violence.

Cetsina is an angel who used to be a soldier for Ovedin like all other angels, but she was struck down during a battle over the civilization of Deirdore. She fell into it’s mists and her body was rebuilt anew. Her spark awoke sometime during this process, but she lost all memory of who she once was. She now has a proud infatuation with the realm of Deirdore and seeks to expand it’s boundaries into neighboring civilizations. Though, should Ovedin ever fly over Deirdore again, there is a chance she could regain a bit of her memory back.

Fawth is a goblin halfling who happened to have the bloodline of a powerful lineage of human mages thanks to his mother. His spark was awakened due to the emotional shock when he found out that his mother was forced into marrying his father for diplomatic reasons. He had the deepest respect for his mother who always lied and said he loved his father for the right reasons, even dying from overwork for his sake. He killed his father, and chose to dedicate his study to powerful magic to bring his mother’s namesake back to fame.

Bain is one of the central characters to the Corsia storyline. He is a constantly recurring hooded figure that seems to both hinder and aid Lotus on his journey. No one knows his identity, his true intentions, nor the full scope of his power. His story is not going to be spoiled here. Moving on.

Legrasha is a senile woman who always has a thirst for the death of those around her. No one knows the origin of her spark, but they say that even she forgot her own awakening. However, for those who do win her favor, she acts like a mother toward them, leading many to suppose that she lost her children in a traumatic fashion.

Dukan is a treefolk who carries the will of his old comrades in his heart. His forest was burned down, triggering his spark, and he took the fires from his family’s burning bodies and kept it within himself. He has a strong mental fortitude and often meditates on how he can best honor his family. He doesn’t seek revenge, but will spread fire amongst large scale battles just to end it before any more innocent lives can be lost.

Girina is a malevolent force of nature that seeks to reclaim the territory of those around her. Her tactics are brutal, involving burning down the entire landscape and taking the charred remains for her own. She then uses her green and white mana affinity to restore the lands to health once they are hers. She is known as the sunset because she is seen as a central silhouette to the massive fires behind her. Her spark was awakened when she nearly burned alive in a fire, and she used the newfound power to repair her skin. She is now on a journey of pure conquest, and is one of the more immediate threats of all the civilizations.

Ginko (named after the main character of my favorite anime) is a pacifist who seeks only to harmonize with nature, and only remove that which disrupts the balance. He wishes for man and creature to respect each others’ boundaries. His spark was awakened in a powerful epiphany when he encountered a rare spirit that granted him a knowledge of it’s kind. He is rumored to know the true nature of any creature. He travels the world helping people who have problems encountered by things they don’t understand.

Seinda is a faerie from Aeges who, like Ginko, has learned the secrets of the creatures. However, Seinda despises humanity and only appreciates those who truly understand  the creatures. Rather than making them live in peace, she’d rather steal the creature from any owner who mishandles it. Her spark was awakened when she was captured by hunters and they were going to rip off her wings to sell them. She managed to influence their nearby warhounds who mauled their owners to death. She now travels the world, avoiding Ginko and trying to save creatures from unworthy humans.

Miyen is another faerie, but one who only seeks the company of the strongest creatures. She sees herself as superior, and only gives her attention to creatures that can earn it. Her spark was awakened when she flew on a dragon for the first time, and the rush of vertigo overwhelmed her. She journeys hoping to encounter even stronger types of creatures during her travels. As a card, she was designed to be a partner to the ever-popular Kaalia commander.

Shaviki is a shaman who used to offer his services to the people of Mhounen, who have the greatest appreciation of the cycle of life and death. However, upon his spark awakening in the middle of the night when a Mhounen samurai attempted to assassinate him, he grudgingly took his services with him, and seeks a new civilization that will appreciate his skills. He tries to go wherever he hears of a war in order to offer solace to those who’s loved one’s passed.

Novu is a merfolk who’s spark awakened when she was thrown out of the lake, and left to suffocate by hunters. Instead, her spark fashioned her lungs and she massacred the hunters instead. Thanks to her knowledge of both land and sea, her perception of the world is massive. She journeys the world, trying to make sense of all the new things she sees, and to master all the new kinds of magic that just opened up to her. She has yet to decide if she ultimately likes living on the land or the sea more, but definitely finds preference in flooding mountainways .

Radikha is a secretive shaman who prefers complete isolation for he often meditates. He is able to detect oncoming lifeforms by sensing their dreams and can even use those dreams to manipulate them by creating visions. He is considered one of the most dangerous beings to come across during your travels, and the bigger your dreams, the more deadly he becomes. They say his spark awakened from the intense fear and shock of having his first nightmare, because he grew up having nothing but peaceful dreams.

Aera is a planeswalker who chooses to live with the most insignificant of creatures due to them having the most sympathetic positions on the food chain. She seeks to help only the weakest, and when they become strong, she moves on to something weaker. Her spark was awakened when her newborn baby was stolen from her by a bandit, who demanded a ransom of the wealthy mother. However, before her spark could finish empowering her, the bandit killed the baby, causing her to run away in grief. She sees her baby’s image in the weakest of lifeforms, and only aims to save them from the same fate her child had.

Saika commands an unusual form of necromancy. Rather than simply reviving the dead, she keeps them alive within her. Her own body is composed of the lives of several other beings. No one even knows if her own lifeforce is still alive at the center of the mass of body and spirit. Her spark was awakened as she was desperately trying to save her body from a grave injury and in her desperation, she gained the power to use the body of a dying soldier nearby, fusing it with hers.  She roams Kuo with a distinguished sense of purpose, never growing bored of the company of souls she keeps within herself. She comes off as crazy to those who approach her because she speaks loud and clearly, but seemingly talking to herself.

Doaxin is an old monk from Pristinia who has mastered triggering his inner adrenaline. While training himself to become invulnerable to pain, he discovered that the pain was a necessary fuel to something much greater. He is provocative and manipulative. His spark awoke from a near-death experience that was all part of his carefully executed plan. He’s one of the only planeswalkers who literally willed himself to be one, and became one.

Jovyle used to be a demoness until she overcame her dark tendencies because of a new inspiration. No one is sure what it is she saw to become such a bright version of her old, grim self, but she is now seen as an observer of peace, and simply basks in the warmth of the nature around her. Many say, she’s simply a demon who was born with a righteous mind, and eventually it took over.

Hemeda started off as a Shauvran mage trained in dealing with the aetheric qualities of passing from one realm of living to another. Her research gave her knowledge, but she was always too weak with mana to be able to do anything momentous with it. One morning, her father was dealt a mortal blow on the battlefield, and she awoke in her bed the moment it happened. In a sleepwalking slumber, she drifted toward his body afloat with inexplicable wings and arrived just before the enemy was about to deal the final blow. She slayed the enemy without emotion and fell asleep next to her father. When she awoke, she was brimming with power, her spark seemingly activated.  She is now known as the Valkyrie as she appears before a fighting soldier’s dying breath and grants them aid based on the honor she senses from them.

Lokkar is a humanoid crow-like shaman who speaks in odd chirps and quibbles. Most think nothing of this and assume it doesn’t understand the human tongue, but in fact Lokkar is constantly in a state of premonition. When his chirps are at their most intense, he is blessing you with strength to survive some ill=fated doom that is headed your way. Due to his lack of communication, his origins are a mystery. Some say Lokkar gained his spark when he completed his first flight around the world, and upon understanding the scope of the world he lived in, attained a higher form of mental power by his spark activating.

I’ll leave you with one last special planeswalker, Razeigh, the ultimate shapeshifter. Razeigh was a mere shapeshifter, cursed to live a life with no true identity. After years of simply amusing himself by copying harmless creatures, he decided to take on the form of a man who had a woman madly in love with him. Razeigh grew pleased with this form of attention and decided to kill the original man and live in this form forever. However, his power wasn’t strong enough to control when the woman tried to surprise him with a present and he flickered, just for a moment, into the haunting shadow he normally was. As she pushed him away, the original man, who was knocked out from a poison Razeigh gave to him, awoke briefly just to crawl out into the scene. The lady attempted to stab Razeigh which triggered his spark to ignite causing him to rapidly change from one form to another. He ran away and lived in isolation until he could finally keep his power in check. As a card, Razeigh is a planeswalker that kills other planeswalkers by becoming them. He abuses the legend rule all on his own, and if you have his emblem, he’s completely reusable.


So there you have it. 51 planeswalkers, and there are still another 30 to go in part 2, including the most important ones who make up most of the central characters to this story. I don’t know if I mentioned my love for the planeswalker card type, and how glad I am that Wizards introduced them years ago. There is more than one reason as to why there are so many planeswalker cards, but that’ll be for later. For now we’ll just say that this set is definitely focusing on them as a major theme, story and play-wise. However, before I get ahead of myself, in the end this is all for the sake of fleshing out my storyline and getting used to interacting with the smallest details of the world to fel like I’m experiencing it in bits and pieces instead of trying to take it all in at once. I hope this satisfied some of your wonder about what the planeswalkers were like in this set. I mainly wanted to have fun with them so balancing, as always, isn’t at expert level. Enjoy the


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