Within These Wings (Poem)

(Art credit goes to Jungshan)

I tried something a bit different this time. I always find a picture that represents the overall vision in my head whenever I finish writing a poem, but I used to always just have the picture next to it, above it, etc. I figured I’d see what it’s like to insert the poem right onto the art. This is going to be for a friend of mine for her birthday. I doubt it’s worthy of her wall, but I hope she appreciates it at the very least. If you want just the text I’ll post it below.

Within These Wings

My eyes are shut. A rough rush numbs my ears.

Cascading forward as I succumb to my fears.

Plummeting through life for an endless number of years.

It is here, that a pair of beautiful wings appear.

I ascend, wings so wide that they eclipse the sun.

Casting a shadow so large that it rips undone

All of my worries and stress. I am blessed with this miracle

Lyrical words can’t express reaching this pinnacle.

My spiritual heart beats to the motion of these rhythmic wings.

Weathering the things, torturous, my life always brings.

Within these wings, I’m weightless.

My destiny’s fateless.

Each breath I take rejuvenates me. I am painless.

My imagination begins to paint a creation.

Amidst a misty mountain ripples in the sun’s illumination.

Lost, but not forgotten: A legendary autumn.

With rows of groves upon troves of cherry blossoms.

These wings, they only calm and soothe me.

Occasionally move me –

to tears. I’ve truly

become content, absolutely.

They say your frame of mind changes when you glimpse the earth

From so far that you can truly comprehend it’s birth.

That’s where I hover, under cover of the boundless skies

And it is now, that there is something I can finally realize,

I turn around and find myself staring back at an angel

The world was reflected in it’s eyes, so graceful.

I’m grateful, because I now know what had to be true.

It’s that the bearer of these wings that uplift me, was actually you.


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