My Top 50 Anime Characters

The role of almost every character in any medium is to become someone you can relate to. Whether by collapsing with uncontrollable laughter at the hilarity a character summons, or by wielding a dignified passion and appreciation for a character who enacts your own ambitions and inspirations, the number of ways you can find interest in a character is incredibly varied. The design of a great character can go down many starkly different paths, some of which never have to intersect, making characters that can be terrific in one person’s eyes, be a complete disinterest in someone else’s.

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Within These Wings (Poem)

(Art credit goes to Jungshan)

I tried something a bit different this time. I always find a picture that represents the overall vision in my head whenever I finish writing a poem, but I used to always just have the picture next to it, above it, etc. I figured I’d see what it’s like to insert the poem right onto the art. This is going to be for a friend of mine for her birthday. I doubt it’s worthy of her wall, but I hope she appreciates it at the very least. If you want just the text I’ll post it below. Continue reading

My Top 20 Anime Opening Videos

Anime openings have become a staple of this industry, and of the TV industry in general. When you think about it, the repetition of an anime opening for 13 episodes is pretty much the length of an episode in itself.  The week to week breaks do a lot to take the viewers’ immersion away, and as such, the opening video serves as a minute and a half long opportunity to assault the senses of the audience and get them back into mindset of the respective anime. They stick with you through the entire series and serve as the anchor to which the anime develops it’s actual story and world around. They tease you of what’s to come, and delight you with what’s already happened. The non-stop animation and composition of the music and art can make anime openings some of the most distinctive part of the actual anime series. However, just like anime itself, there are good ones, and there are better ones. I don’t like to say there are bad ones, just ones I don’t prefer as much as my personal favorites. Continue reading