Corsia – MTG Story Adaptation – Civilizations Part 1

Welcome back to the world of Corsia, my effort to turn my fantasy story into a Magic: the Gathering fan-made expansion. Last time, I introduced you to the prologue of the story. Now, with that out of the way, we can focus on certain cards that highlight different parts of the fantasy. This time, it’s all about the civilizations of this fantasy world.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Prologue


Part 1: The 5 mono-colored civilizations of Kuo (YOU ARE HERE)

Part 2: The 10 dual-colored civilizations of Kuo

Part 3: The 10 tri=colored civilizations of Kuo (Coming Soon)

Part 4: The 15 mono-colored and dual-colored civilizations of Corsia (Coming Soon)


Part 1: Kuo Legends and Locales

Part 2: Corsian Legends and Locales

Part 3: The Quest Lands – Lotus’ Journey

Part 4: Planeswalkers, Part 1

Part 5: Planeswalkers, Part 2

Mechanics and Abilities:

Part 1: The 25 Kuo Keywords

Part 2: All Color Keywords and other abilities (Coming Soon)

Full Spoiler (Coming Later)

MTG Variant – Walking the Planes (Coming Last)


As time goes on, I will have a table of contents at the top of each blog so that you can discover and explore the world in it’s entirety as you see fit! Each civilization has a legendary land to represent it. The Kuo civilizations even have a secondary “wonder” that is also a legendary land. Each civilization also has a leader or a king that will also be discussed here. Finally, specifically for the five mono-colored cities, there is also a legendary dragon guardian for each one. Now, let’s take a look at them all!


White – Oiara, Luminous Rise

Oiara is a vast expanse of long-frozen wildlands that reach as far as the windswept deserts at it’s borders. The Rise is the center of the civilization, but many wouldn’t call this place “civilized.” Oiara is harsh, cold, and a place where few dare to live. One particular reason is that Khana, an Angel Elemental serves as a watcher of sorts. The only problem is that when she sees fit to cleanse the land, she does so utterly. She has destroyed Oiara as it’s own guardian more than any enemy ever has. The wildlands are inhabited by only hardened survivors, or people who don’t like company.

There is an odd Glacier that empowers the Oiaran people with magic. Used as a defensive barrier to enemies who make it as far in as the forest, the Glacier of Majesty serves as a filter. Any Oiaran magic that passes through it grows in power making the glacier nearly impossible to overtake. It wraps around all of Oiara leaving only the deserts open for trespass.

(Reminder: Rigid means whenever an opponent taps a permament, the creature gets +0/+1 until end of turn)

Baius is considered the strongest survivor in Oiara. He has managed to stay alive through more Khana cleansings than anyone else. His power does not go to his head, however. Baius started just as weak as the shivering runaways who try to make Oiara a home for the first time. He knows that true strength comes from understanding the position of being weak. It’s not overcoming from above, but prevailing from below. He passes on his wisdom to all those who think themselves incapable of surviving the dangerous frozen geography. He says that he fights for Khana, and that he approves of her merciless eradication of people. If you are strong enough to survive, than this home is truly yours, has always been a welcoming mantra he gives to newcomers. He now resides at the top of the Luminous Rise with a cave crafted into what has unanimously been decided by the denizens, a throne room fit for their “King.”

(Reminder: Freeze means “tap the target and it doesn’t untap during it’s controller’s next untap step”

The legendary white dragon, known as the Fiend Halter lives in the deserts outside of the forests and glaciers. The snow barely reaches here, but the desert climate is still more frigid than most can handle. Khana has only favored one living thing during her continual destruction of Oiara, and that is this very same dragon. Like the other guardian dragons in Kuo, the Fiend Halter never leaves the desert. It will fly, occasionally drifting over the glacier and making a pass over the Luminous Rise, but it will always rest and eat in the freezing sands. Upon seeing any oncomers, it will slow them down by blowing sand, freezing them, and holding them at bay while it’s roar’s notify Baius of the threat. Very rarely, Khana herself will respond to the Fiend Halter’s cries, and this always leads to the inevitable destruction of the entire empire. (Khana will be revealed at a later time.)


Blue – Nerath, the Sea’s Sun

Nerath is an awe-inspiring man-made castle empire that towers over a small group of islands in the middle of Tseria sea. While the whole surrounding ocean is considered Nerathian territory, the singular island with the castle known as “the Sea’s Sun” is it’s most protected and inhabited domain. Nerathians, unlike the people of Oiara are very open to visitors and act as a haven for people crossing the sea. Of all the civilizations, Nerath might be the one with the most connections to other civilizations in Kuo. They collect as much knowledge as possible, and it’s even said Planeswalkers will even come here to gather information before actually embarking on their journeys. Because of it’s public importance to many civilizations, it has remained safe from attack because no one wants to make an enemy of all of Kuo.

The Guiding Star is a light tower, and the highest building in all of Nerath. It reaches so high that as one sails towards it’s dock, it appears to be among the stars millions of miles away in the sky. It’s the calling sign for travelers to rest. All sailors hoping to find Nerath must find the Guiding Star’s light. To enter the Sea’s Sun, one must first find the Guiding Star at night. Then, they have you sleep until the next dawn, and then escort you to the Sea’s Sun. Outsiders say this is an exaggerated ploy that makes Nerath seem more impressive than it really is by having people only approach the Sea’s Sun when the lighting and time of day is just right. The Guiding Star also serves as a magical amplifier to help defend it’s shore, by being able to replicate certain spells that pass under it’s light.

(Reminder: Condescend is active when you have more cards in your hand than each opponent)

Yedra is a magically talented merfolk who doesn’t spend time basking in the glory of the Sea’s Sun. In fact, she spends most of her life traveling through the undercurrents that sweep and curve between Nerath’s islands. Many claim she is the mastermind who turned Nerath into an information hotspot. They say that nobody is able to tell her lies, and that if you find yourself in the water with her, she can use the water to read your mind. Some say that without the power of the ocean she lives in, she’d have no ability at all, which is why many have tried to lure her out of the water. No one has been successful thus far. While the Guiding Star and Sea’s Sun offer a high vantage point over the sea, Yedra claims the only place you can truly glimpse everything that happens in Nerath is from deep below the sea.

The Drowner is the legendary blue dragon that protects the many shores of the Nerathian islands. The Drowner is always asleep and many can even see it as they sail across it’s waters, but only Yedra can summon it. When the Drowner attacks, it’s also a period of heightened magical ability for Nerathians because the dragon’s aura charges the water with extra mana. Due to the lack of conflict, the Drowner has been in a state of slumber most of the time. Yedra only awakens her to respond to fleets from other civilizations passing through, perhaps just to demonstrate that even in these peaceful times, the Drowner is still ready to kill.


Black – Fiotte, Dusk Overlook

Fiotte has a very famous history that makes it one of the most infamous civilizations in Kuo. Fiotte used to be the biggest dragon kingdom in Kuo. In Old Fiotte, dragons ruled over humans and forced them to build monuments and castles as tribute. The dragons were ruthless and slowly became abusive with their power. That Fiotte was conquered many years ago, and now people rule this kindgom. The Dusk Overlook is the highest castle, and the one where the current ruler resides. Fiotte is in a state of re-building, and instead of banishing the dragons after Fiotte was surrendered, they continue to worship them. The dragon’s are no longer the ruling power, but they are a power they respect nonetheless.

The Dragon Den is a hatchery that has become vitally important because the dragon’s nearly went extinct after the Old Fiottian War. This is where Fiottian mages constantly focus on breeding and stabilizing the population of dragons. It’s a risky proposition because they can’t risk overpopulating them and having the dragons attack them again. Due to the number of dragons that have died around the Den, it has since gained a necromantic aura that can cause certain dragons to breathe life again, as baby dragons are born anew.

(Reminder: Revenge triggers for the turn if a creature you control that shares a creature type with this creature dies)

Velestris is God in this Kingdom. She is the one who lead the attack on Fiotte when the dragon’s ruled. She is the one who made the Dragon Kind surrender. As a horrific reminder to the Old King, she fashioned armor out of the Dragon King’s only child and wears it constantly. Many wonder whether she wants the dragons alive because she respects them, or because she is so cruel that she wants them to live in this state of despair and rule over them in revenge. It’s rumored that Velestris actually lost her first born to the Dragon King, and that the armor is merely a symbolism of her revenge. The confusion only doubles when many catch glimpses of her petting and caressing baby dragons in the Dragon Den from time to time.

(Text Change: Krawl doesn’t have deathtouch and is a 6/6)

Krawl is one of the strongest dragons that survived the war. Under Velestris’ command, he now serves as the guardian of the kingdom. Many wished the Old King to remain as the defender but Velestris keeps the king closer to her throne as a personal guardian rather than one that protects the whole kingdom. Krawl is a venomous dragon who’s mere presence can cause life to simply wisp away. It’s body is made of a poison that actually forms a sort of vital liquid for dead dragons. One secret to the dragon’s long-lasting rule was that they had magical abilities and adaptations that let them break the cycle of life and death. Most of the magic that you find in Fiotte is capable of breathing new life into a dragon, and Krawl’s entire body encompasses that.


Red – Aurima, Flaming Gorge

(Rule change: It deals 2 damage to target creature instead and it becomes a “may” ability)

Aurima is a massive empire that resides on a plateau surrounded by a natural moat. It is located in the middle of a blazing hot desert. They say the water in the Flaming Gorge is almost to the point of boiling. Despite the unbearable heat, there is quite a lot of people that inhabit this area. Even though the water from the Gorge is hot, simple magic cools it instantly and is used to keep temperatures within the empire more hospitable. On the outer boundaries beyond the moat lies the seemingly endless desert. Aurima used to be under constant siege because it’s temperatures used to be much lower which allowed for more armies to have the endurance to invade. However, it is said that because of this, and the adaptation to the rising temperature, that the Aurimian army is the strongest army in Kuo. An army that can endure extreme pain and persevere through any disaster.

The Path of Courage is the only “path” in the desert that leads your directly to the Flaming Gorge. Dotting this path are massive mysterious statues that reach out to you as you draw near. If one touches you, it instantly reads your mind and judges your determination. If it’s not good enough, you are warped back to the first statue. To reach Aurima as a guest, you must pass judgment of every statue, while enduring the heat. If you make it through the path, your increase in endurance is said to be unrivaled. The biggest mystery is who these statues represent. Whispers speak of a planeswalker named Bain who looks a lot like these statues, but no one knows anything more than that.

Riktis is one of the most feared rulers in all of Kuo. He is said to have the most battle sense among every fighter that ever walked the surface. If you fight him, he’ll only make you hurt yourself. He dances with you, he plays you like a puppet. And upon witnessing the defeat of an enemy, his mana surges as if he has some psychological addiction to defeating enemies in the most creative way possible. He has a thirst for battle and has been witnessed to surviving a war between himself and a thousand soldiers. If Aurima is known for endurance, Riktis seems to have an infinite amount of it.

The Flame of Aurima is a dragon that sleeps at the riverbed within the moat. During the sieges from the past, The Flame would skulk around the bottom of the moat and as enemies attempted to cross it, the dragon would breathe a massive flame that amplified thanks to the moat’s geography, and tunnel through the entire moat. It’s said that one breath would fill the entire moat with flame that erupted out of the canyon. It was a sight so frightening that it sent many armies running in a panic, never reaching the moat at all.

Green – Trimensa, Life’s Root

Trimensa is the oldest of the five mono-colored civilizations. Furthermore, it’s also spent no effort on evolving with the times. It appears just as it did a thousand years ago, and a thousand years before that. Trimensa’s synergy is so abundant, that it has never had a year of bad productivity in it’s entire history. The Life’s Root is the largest tree in all of Kuo. Myth’s speak of it as being the tree who’s leaves spread and created the first creatures. Much of humanity claims that this is a lie, but the humans who live here all agree with this notion. Those who live here are under a constant state of healing and preservation thanks to the Root’s magic. Humans live longer life-spans here than anywhere else. There is no actual ruler, or a military power. There’s only the unspoken agreement that this home will be defended against anything, and that one goal unites all the inhabitants.

The Seed of Life, is what completes their amazing synergetic cycle, and is Trimensa’s secret kryptonite. Trima purposefully spread false rumors of the Tree as being their weakness and so any who attempt to invade set their sights on it, not knowing that the tree can actually be destroyed, uprooted, or burned down with no consequence. The seed is located on the other side of Trimensa, far below the forest and draws it’s strength from it’s people. This in turn makes it fill all the trees it’s connected to with superfluous amounts of mana which spreads from tree to tree filling the people with power. The Life’s Root is merely the largest version of these trees, but it’s not necessary to complete the cycle of the Seed.

(Reminder: Metamorph is a sorcery speed ability that let’s you turn the creatures face down, then turn it face up during your upkeep to gain +1/+1 counters equal to it’s power)

Hywin is not a ruler, nor a king. He is a keeper. Deep within the forest there is a grove and an ancient temple where all of the strongest creatures in Trimensa rest. Most citizens are afraid of even going there because they are afraid of falling victim of the vicious cycle or predator and prey there. Hywin is the only human who managed to find a way to live among these giant beasts, and has since become their watcher of sorts. If Hywin ever enters a battle, you can expect to see creatures that could decimate entire armies with one charge. Hywin is said to have family still living in Trimensa. Some say that he abandoned them for this new primal family. However, planeswalkers who venture far enough into the wilds to speak directly with him will find that this family of his is all he talks about. Maybe it’s this aura of desire for a family that allows creatures to sense him as such.

Dracenea is an ancient dragon that dates older than the Old Fiottian dragons. The Trima speak of it in utmost reverence. Unlike the other dragons, Dracenea interacts with it’s people. It’s docile, and rather friendly. It’s powers only fuel the synergy that the Seed of Life creates and is the least suited to battle since it’s wings have since faded away with time. However, many doubt Dracenea’s strength because of it’s loss of wings. Because of this, it has adapted to it’s surroundings and will not hesitate to beat it’s wing’s skeletal frame onto the ground to create massive earthquakes. It’s almost as if a massive hummingbird learned how to use it’s wings as a hammer.


And that wraps it up! That was a glimpse at the key cards representing each of these civilizations. There are still more cards that are themed to these respective places, but those will be discussed after I finish introducing you to the rest of the world! What civilization would you live in? What ruler seems the best? I’d love to hear your thoughts on all of this if you have any. And I thank anyone who took the time to read this. It’s always an honor that someone appreciates what I do with my free time!


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