Spring 2014 Anime – What I’m Watching

With the surprise hit, Noragami, and the craziness that was Kill la Kill coming to an end, all eyes are now on the new season to bring us something big. Heavy hitters like Kuroko’s basketball and Magi exiting the scene until their next season leave a pretty big gap to fill. Luckily this season sports even more interesting looking anime than the last, and I plan on watching a lot. Personally for me, this season is bringing with it the sequel to my favorite anime series of all time, Mushishi. A sequel to a series that stopped airing around seven years ago. It’s a revival that I hated hoping for because I never thought it’d happen.

Anime reaches for the stars with it’s vivid and wild imagination, all the while, the artistry continually innovates and improves bringing us continually better looking characters and settings. More and more talent matures as storylines become deep and complex. On the other hand, anime is still anime and we all need the wackiness of over-exaggerated emotions as well. Here’s what caught my eye this season! They are in order of anticipation from least to most!



Ping Pong the Animation

Why not? New seasons of anime are all about trying something new and I’m more than willing to give any anime a chance that does something out of the norm, even though anime itself is quite out of the norm in general. In fact, this anime is out of the norm because it’s doing something almost too normal. I am also not making sense so let’s move on to the next one.

Atelier Escha & Logy

The easiest reason this caught my eye is because I collect the games, and therefore will gladly watch any attempt at making an anime from it. Do I expect it to be good? Not really. I haven’t seen a video game adaptation that I’ve liked yet unless Stein’s Gate or Clannad counts. I’ve always like the art style of the Atelier game series so I hope this translates into a beautiful anime. I already love the setting, which is a fantasy world ripe in the age of discovery. It’s a story about alchemy, and should be a fairly lighthearted and charming story to lull oneself into.


Blade and Soul

Joining Atelier as another anime based off of a video game. However this time, they attached a director who immediately caught my eye. The director of Stein’s Gate. Oh goodie, now we’re talking. There’s a big difference though that doesn’t guarantee this will be a hit. While Stein’s Gate was based off of a heavily story based source material, Blade and Soul is an MMO with very light story. Therefore, it seems a bit harder to adapt into anything that could hook you on story alone. Luckily there’s a fantastic amount of potential for having spectacular action that I hope turns out well.


M3 Sono Kuroki Tetsu

The story is right up my alley, but the trailer didn’t sell it for me. I’ll still watch it just because it’s a pretty ambitious story. From what I gather, it’s about these beings called Imashime that are abstract representations of humanity’s despair that live in the Avidya zone of the world. Eight boys and girls are gathered to fight against them, and I have no idea why they were chosen. It seems pretty captivating already, and apparently it’s a mech anime too, but I just know too little about it to get very excited.


Hitsugi no Chaika

I can’t help but be interested in the world this takes place in. A retired soldier meets a young girl who carries a coffin. Based on the trailers I think the coffin has a massive sniper rifle in it. I have no idea what happens from here but the trailer showed a lot of important political figures and some flashes of magic. This seems to be an action series with guns and magic and a small dosage of character drama. We’ll see if it amounts to anything, but I don’t expect much from this one yet


Break Blade

Break Blade started as a series of movies that showed a serious, politically charged, and rather gritty take on the mech genre. The movies are highly acclaimed and are great source material to change into an episodic format. I don’t know how much is going to change, so I’m going to pass on it if it’s simply a retelling of the story because I’ve already watched the movies. However, if it’s a remake in the same vein as Hunter X Hunter or FMA: Brotherhood then I’m totally on board.



This one isn’t one I’ll be watching anytime soon, because I still plan on watching the original series for the first time. I just knew that I couldn’t leave it out because I really do want to see this anime. My next anime marathon after my movie one will include this series. I do know beforehand that the series has gathered amazing ratings across all of it’s seasons, so this newest one shouldn’t disappoint.


Sidonia no Kishi

This anime will be one to watch as it attempts to carve it’s space at the forefront of the mech genre. It’s production values seem pretty high and they are no doubt aiming to do something big with this anime, but the heavy CG will only go so far to win fans over. I appreciate the serious effort to do something epic for the genre. Let’s hope it has a fantastic story and mech designs to drool over.


Isshuukan Friends

I always wished 50 first dates didn’t have Adam Sandler. It’s a beautiful story with…Adam Sandler. Ishuukan Friends is a tale about a boy who wants to befriend the girl who sits next to him in class. But she suffers memory loss and forgets people completely after a week. The boy is so determined that he attempts to become her friend all over again, week after week. It sounds sad, and could also lead to some great laughs and interesting psychological insight. We’ll see what path it takes soon enough!


Akuma No Riddle


I’m a fan of battle royale type scenarios. While I don’t expect this to be the next fate/zero, I’ll give it a shot just to see how the character’s are portrayed. This one sports a girl in school with 12 assassin’s after her, one of which is a girl who ends up falling for her and protecting her from the rest. Sure I’ll take a little romance in my fight to survive anime. Please and thank you. My expectations are reserved because I haven’t seen anything else this director has done, but I do like the character artwork already!


Mekaku City Actors

I’m very eager to watch this one because it has one of the most visually appealing cast of characters in the line up. I don’t quite understand, but I think this anime is based off a song or album form a vocaloid, or maybe the vocaloid itself. I don’t know if the characters in the anime are actually vocaloids, however, and it seems it’s not the case because the story has nothing to do with music. The story seems rather entertaining, spinning a story off of someone who spent 2 years in their house until something happens involving a virtual girl he met that makes him finally leave his house.


Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Here’s one that really interests me off of it’s story and setting alone. A mystery about a boy who’s friend died in an accident that he’s somehow responsible for, or allowed to happen promised her that he’d find out if aliens were real. Then a transfer student walks into his class and looks almost identical to her, and has almost the exact same name. However, she insists she doesn’t know him, and also has powers of some sort. Intriguing to say the least, and I love the touch of sci-fi with the aliens. It’s up there with my most anticipated this season.


Fairy Tail

It returns. The mega-hit anime all about magic, guilds, and the warm fuzzy feelings of friendship is finally coming back, and though I hoped to have been caught up by the time the first episode airs, it will have to wait until I do. Fairy Tail is an anime with many powerful moments driven by their colorful cast. While the action of Fairy Tail pales in comparison to other action anime out there, I do hope this new series kicks it up a notch. I also hope Funkist is back to sing the next opening.


Black Bullet

Consider this my most anticipated new anime of the season. There are two reasons. First being, it’s art style has made me drool from the trailer alone. Second being that the anime’s director also directed Monster, an anime that happens to be one of my personal favorites. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic setting where a virus has made the people flee into a protected city. Even within those walls, certain girls have been born with the virus, and instead have powers. These girls are used in a form of military to fight against the Gaestra, the original beings of the virus.


Mushishi Season 2

Mushi are abstract lifeforms that hover on the edge of human perception. Ginko is a Mushi Master who can see and studies these lifeforms. He crafts a life as a traveling doctor of sorts, studying and helping people haunted or affected by these creatures.

I don’t do the whole “pinch me I’m dreaming thing.” Instead, I do a weird quiver of excitement throughout my whole body that makes it look like I’m getting electrocuted, and that is exactly what happened after the second season was finally confirmed. I hype this anime more for myself than others. Even though the original is my favorite anime, it’s not the one I most readily suggest. There’s no action, nor is there a lot of comedy. It’s a very serious fantasy anime that explores a lot of human emotion and supernatural situations. The average episode comes off as depressing, and the music is slow and calming. It’s very relaxing, yet powerful. It’s a rare mix that I hardly see, and I’m beyond excited to finally feel that same atmosphere yet again. There is an OVA they released last season in to lead into this season and I’ll definitely talk about it when I have my first impression post next week.


That is an intimidating number of fifteen anime I’m going to be watching at least one episode of this season. Of course, there’s never too much anime, so the best scenario would be that I don’t feel like dropping any of them. It’s already looking like a fantastic season and I’m already happy just with Mushishi coming back. Everything else is icing on that sweet anime cake. I’m very curious to know what you guys are planning on watching or have high hopes for! I’ll have another post as soon as week 1 is over! Thank you very much for reading this!


3 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Anime – What I’m Watching

  1. From that list Hanamonogatari caught my eye as I enjoyed the previous Monogataris. I reviewed the Atelier Escha video game so I may check out the anime, although I doubt it will be any good. That series about the girl with memory loss might be good. Sounds a bit like EF.

    • Ahh you’ve seen the others. I don’t quite know what to expect but I’m very excited to start them!
      Atelier always seemed like an RPG that focused on it’s gameplay more, but I haven’t played any yet. I own every ps3 version though!
      And what one is EF?

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