My Top 60 Fantasy Artists (Part 2 of 4)

Welcome back to the ongoing journey of artistic accomplishment and celebration.  This continues the list of amazing fantasy art that I cherish and hope to organize into an enjoyable list for your self-rewarding perusal.  This time, the ranks are ascending another twenty spots as the artwork continues to elevate several levels.  Please, enjoy the read…

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40. Clint Cearley

Though not quite as realistic as the aforementioned Steven Belledin, Clint Cearley makes up for it with incredible liveliness and action in each piece.  The quality of the character in “Righteous Blow” below is amazing, especially combined with a wildly strong lighting effect.  His illustrations exemplify terrific effects and attention to the smallest points of his art. His action driven art style makes an overall thrilling experience to gaze upon.

39. Min Zhao

 This truly talented illustrator can really create marvelous pieces to look at. The first one, “Return” still stands as one of my favorite pieces of artwork overall.  The blinding sun is drawn perfectly and the heartfelt mood is communicated effortlessly.  The two dragon artworks are both amazing compositions consisting of great angles and positioning. Unlike Clint Cearley, Min’s art is very serene and calming. All aspects of emotion can be conveyed through art and I’m glad to see such brilliant examples of each kind.

38. Eric Deschamps

A Magic artist operating at the highest caliber, Eric’s work runs the gamut of what you’d desire in fantasy artwork.  Beautiful color, thoughtful design, and strong atmosphere. Eric Deschamps does it all while including his own little brand of grace. Sleek curves and graceful poses push your eyes to slowly move across the whole painting to take it all in.

37. Huang Guangjian

Huang’s work takes the skill level you’ve seen already and adds his very own distinctive touch. Huang is one of the most followed artists on Deviant Art.  He has a very classy and luxurious style that makes his work very recognizable.  It’s almost like a glimmer of silver filters across everything in each painting as if his paint streaks are made of silk.  His ability to translate this style across different palettes as you see in his pictured works is truly commendable.

36. Tyler Edlin

The man I personally nickname the “King of Castles” can sweep you off your feet with his spacious vistas and intricate architecture. Tyler Edlin is primarily a video game concept artist who would be right at home in any type of fantasy game from Skyrim to Dark Souls. His proven skill to do both bright and dreary atmospheres adds considerable depth to his collection of art. And of course, this man can draw castles for the rest of his life and I will never tire of them.

35. Shilin Huang

Accompanied on this countdown by Jane Mere in Part 1, Shilin represents the more action-oriented side of the anime art style. Each portrait has a wow factor, whether it’s the carefully orchestrated poses, or the wisps of color she splashes across her work. Shilin has a self-created manga called Carciphona that is simply a delight to read, and most of these art pieces are from that manga. Her characters are stunning, and show that having a brilliant imagination is the perfect compliment to a talented artist.

34. Brad Rigney

It really only takes one look at the first picture below to get what makes Brad Rigney so great. His use of color is profound and the ambience he creates in his artwork are both captivating and chilling. He definitely has a strong suit for horror as seen in most of his work, but he brings a rare beauty that isn’t associated with dark fantasy into the mix. Each of his characters are masterfully drawn and show so much personality that it’s hard to ignore the impressions they make.

33. Daniel Lieske

This next honorary entry is the artist behind one of the best new graphic novels I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. The Wormworld saga’s sole artist and writer, Daniel Lieske, is a delightful tour de force of the whimsical wonderlands we imagined as kids. The Wormworld saga is a still-in-progress online graphic novel that’s been in development for a couple years now. It’s all the work of one man, and one wildly successful Kickstarter campaign.  There’s something that rings true for almost any fantasy fan, and it satisfies our inner child’s desires.  His art makes me dream of a world with no boundaries, restrictions, or burdens. His art reflects the charm and innocence of our youngest of dreams.

32. Igor Kieryluk

“Elesh,” the first piece displayed, is one of my favorite drawn characters ever. A special blend of purity and rot that becomes some form of twisted beauty that almost seduces your eyes. He does horror especially well, but even brighter pieces like his angel are still a sight to behold. One defining trait of Igor’s work is the way he poses his characters. All of his subjects are in a unique, elegant stance that give an extra edge to his art design.

31. Brian ‘Chippy’ Dugan

Chippy is another one of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular artists.  It’s tough to keep elevating on some of the ones we’ve seen but Chippy has some very beautiful artwork to offer.  “Skithiryx,” the first one below, is arguably his most beloved piece of art and is considered one of the most stunning dragons in all of Magic.  “Igneous Pouncer” remains one of his highlights for the contrasting color scheme that makes the picture pop off the screen. Dragons, angels, and other types of creatures: it doesn’t matter what you ask him to draw, Chippy will make it look gorgeous in his own way.

30. Jason Chan

Jason Chan is another legendary artist in Magic: The Gathering’s roster of fantasy favorites.  The colors are remarkably crisp and defined and he sets up some crazily epic compositions.  “Apocalypse Hydra,” pictured below is easily his most noticeable piece with a staggering amount of detail. He adds a great sense of motion from the swaying grass to the crumbling tower. However, most of his art focuses on a singular character and that’s where he really shines. Each of his characters look unique enough to be a main hero or heroine of their own fantasy series.

29. Steve Argyle 

The artist behind some of Magic’s most prolific artwork, Steve Argyle is a relatively new addition to their staff, but is already ranking as one of their best. His artwork has an amazing clarity and terrific use of hues.  He makes every inch of his portrait feed into the rest of the piece in an artistic synergy that’s rarely seen. The piece with the elephant and the paint might just be the most dazzling pieces of art I’ve ever seen. And look at the intricacy of Glissa’s hair in the first picture. It’s downright incredible.

28. Pete Morhbacher

Goodness, let this man design characters forever. Pete is a fairly new artist for Magic, but his portfolio truly excelled even before his contributions to the card game. Immediately apparent is his fascinating designs for his characters. There’s a true sense of awe that that is given off of these masterful displays of character creation. The inventive styles of armor and robes elevate the originality of his art even further. I’m very grateful for a mind like his in the art industry.

27. Christian Quinot

Dark. Edgy. Bad-ass. Many things can be said of Christian’s rough and intense artwork. What’s clear is that he knows how to make anything look dark and cool by simply having strong poses, and brilliant effects surrounding the character. This artist is one of the busiest I’ve ever seen on Deviant Art. Out of the hundreds I follow, I don’t think anyone posts artwork as much as him. Granted, he doesn’t have as much detail as some of the previous artists, but that doesn’t mean his art lacks anything. The hastened drawing style creates a sense of raw power that’s rarely drawn from artwork in general. The best part is, you’ve only seen one side of this capable artist. He also has a a huge selection of science fiction work. In fact, his sci-fi work even trumps his fantasy work, and that’s saying something.

26. Andy Park

You can not mention Andy Park without mentioning God of War. From the beginning of the series, Andy Park was the artistic “face” of the series and handled almost all of the promotional artwork.  It was for good reason because he paints some fantastic action pieces. His focus on the fervor and intensity of his scenes immediately brought God of War to life.  The best thing about Andy Park is his imagination.  You can tell that he has his own take on everything from architecture, creatures, colors, and angles.  He is easily one of the most talented concept artists in the game industry, and though a new God of War hasn’t been announced, I do sincerely hope he’s toiling away at some early concept art for the next game.

25. Justin Currie

It’s challenging to place artists with completely innovative art styles that don’t really compare to other artists. Generally I simply don’t enjoy them as much after first glance, but in Justin Currie’s case, I get more and more enraptured with his style the more I look at it. This man is a master with vectors and the drawing with computers. There are no graceful paint strokes or soft blends of colors. This is all razor sharp lines and shapes interweaving across vividly contrasted colors to create some of the most striking artwork on this list. On top of this, he has an entire art series dedicated to drawing fan-favorite franchises like comic books and anime, and morphing them into his own style.

24. Daniel Conway

Another artist from the ranks of Deviant Art, this profoundly skilled artist has almost limitless variety. He has a massive range of styles in his repertoire and he uses each one to create masterly crafted illustrations.  You can’t help but be flabbergasted at the realism of some of his drawings while others are very unrealistic, but convey somber moods with soft brush strokes. Then he has the uplifting atmosphere of his bright landscapes that completely baffle me on how he does it.  He has an amazing catalog that looks as if three different artists reside within him.

23. Sakimi Chan

Easily one of the most viewed artists on Deviant Art, Sakimi Chan is a fan artist with talent like no other.  Her character portraits have an amazing mix of western and eastern art styles, and her original pieces have such a creative flair that it nearly makes you fall in love with them.  She makes such a strong use of her color schemes from the orange warmth of “Silent Glow,” pictured below to the golden shimmer in the other elf portrait.  Sakimi Chan is truly a perfectionist of her style and continually improves.  She well deserves her spot on this list.

22. Jaime Jones

When it comes to epic, there’s a fine line between overdoing it or make it underwhelming, but Jaime Jones knows how to hit that sweet spot.  His subjects are obscured by fog but dominant in the picture, and the scale is massive yet all self-contained. Even when he’s not doing a portrait of some massive creature, he still creates amazing pieces. He’s a newer artist in the Magic staff and also a big concept artist with the Halo development team, but his talent is definitely one that’s going to last and stand the test of time.

21. Jonas De Ro

I almost overlooked this magnificent artist. His landscapes are brimming with detail and lavish color. Even his desolate pieces are beautiful in their own way. I always thought that a true world-designing genius is capable of cities and wildlife, as well as cheerful and somber motifs. Jonas De Ro displays all of these aspects which makes him one of the standout environmental artists of this generation.

Part three will be up tomorrow afternoon, with the final part later that night!! Thanks for reading so far!

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