Why do I Love Sad and Dark Anime?

I’m often playfully teased as being the guy that loves dark stories and tragic characters in my anime. I always say that if an anime can make me cry, I’m guaranteed to like it. This is most commonly associated with the interest I have in characters who suffer with tragic back stories or worlds that are bleak and desolate. I find myself elated whenever an anime makes me cry, and trying to express the reason why was actually a bit more complicated than I thought. This blog delves into my mind and explores why I, and possibly other otaku out there, enjoy depressing or grim anime. Continue reading

My Ten Anime Marathon, Season 1 checkpoint!

I finally made it! Over the last five months I watched roughly 240 episodes of anime to get to this milestone. This doesn’t even include the anime that aren’t part of this marathon. I started ten anime all at once, with certain expectations, and I ended up rather surprised by what I ended up liking the most. I started this marathon back in October so it took me roughly five months to get this far, but it was all easily worth it, and I have no inclination to slow down. For reference, this season one checkpoint concluded at the 26th episode of each anime, if they even ran that far. While I’ll eventually have reviews for all of these, for now I’ll just be sticking with the finales in general and a quick overall impression. Now, let’s just talk about some anime, shall we? Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Relationships in Anime and Games.

Normally, I like to write a list that simply shows characters I would date in honor of Valentine’s day. Well this time I want to celebrate the actual relationships that happen (or almost happen) in anime and video games. I have certain friends that are currently in beautiful relationships, and it’s a very inspiring thing to be around. It’s utterly contagious, and I usually deal with my lack of a relationship by busying and immersing myself into my own nerdom. Well, I found that even amongst the games and anime I take solace in, there are relationships that have given me a great deal of hope about my own romantic life. These are relationships that empower me and motivate me. The kind that make me want to pick up my phone and call the girl I care about most and experience the same thing I just saw or played. I’m ranking them in order of my personal favorites, but all of these are worth looking into if you’re a fan of any type of romance.

*I tried really hard to write this one without spoilers, but it was impossible. So much of what makes these romances so strong involves some of the most climactic moments of their respective anime or game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THERE ARE SPOILERS BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10. Ginko and Tanyu (Mushishi)

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I’m Watching 10 (now 8) Anime: 20 Episode Checkpoint!

Though I doubt anyone actually notices here on the ever-crowded internet, but I was out for a couple weeks, and now I have returned with renewed vigor to keep writing about the alarming amount of anime I’m watching! For those reading for the first time, I like to choose ten anime at a time and watch them all each episode at a time. I am nearing the finish line for a lot of these. Hunter X Hunter was so damn good that I just caught up to the current episode ahead of the pack, and Ano Hana is the only one to conclude this many episode in, but the rest are still chugging along and they have all been very impressive. A couple of them are definite contenders to be ranked amongst my favorite of all time! Let’s get into the details of what’s been happening since last I wrote!


1. Fairy Tail

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