Top Ten Cosplays I Would Propose To

Fictional characters don’t exist. They aren’t real. That hot rogue that you interact with in your favorite RPG is nothing more than a construct of numbers and polygons. That is, until you’re walking through the halls of a convention and you see a person cosplaying that very same character. Conventions are always one of the biggest highlights of my life. It’s a celebration of all things nerdy or fictional where no one has to be ashamed of what they love. Chief among the many things to look for at a convention are cosplays. This list contains the top ten cosplays that would make me abandon all sense of composure and drop to my knee and ask for their hand in marriage.

I should mention that I don’t find the typical “babe” attractive. You won’t see any bikini clad girls from Dead or Alive or busty anime characters. Also, since we’re talking about cosplay, the clothing and style of what they wear is just as important as their physical attraction. Finally, the fiction that these characters are from also has a big influence. There are beautiful girls in anime that I despise, but I’m not going to fawn over someone who’s cosplaying from something I never want to watch again. With these thoughts in mind, please peruse my quirky, nerdy fascination with the beauty that cosplay displays.

10. Kasumi Goto (Mass Effect/Video Game)

Kasumi is the character that I wish you could “romance” in the Mass Effect series. I liked her more than the blue alien babes or the ever-masked Quarians. She’s a professional thief decked out in a black stealth suit and has an awesome lip tattoo. While she’s calculated and precise during her heists, outside of work, she has a playful and witty personality. She’s forward and doesn’t mind talking about personal subjects at length with people she barely knows. There’s a subtle sexiness to her but she doesn’t flaunt it, and her rogue-like appearance earns her bonus points. I only wish I could see her completely with her hood down. It is over her head the entire game.

9. Irisviel von Einzbern (Fate Zero/Anime)

Alot of times it’s a tough choice between two characters from a particular fiction. In this case it was a toss up between Irisviel or Saber. In the end, I would like to see a cosplay of Irisviel more even though I like Saber’s characters more, simply because Irisiviel looks very beautiful and almost exotic. Silver hair and red eyes are my favorite colors on a character, and those colors work so well with her outfits too. Her personality is incredibly endearing and supportive. She stands behind Kiritsugu through thick and thin, and never asks anyone for favors without attempting to bear the burden herself first. Fate/Zero is a very dark anime, the very kind of dark that I really like, so if I see anyone cosplaying from this series, I know they appreciate the same style as me and draw me toward them more.

8. Lan Fan (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood/Anime)

She doesn’t have a massive role in the series but she’s been a huge catalyst in some of my favorite scenes from the entire anime. I really appreciate loyalty and motivation and Lan Fan has that in spades. Who else would rip her own arm off in order to aid her friend? She’s a martial arts master and seeing girls dance around with superb agility is such a delight. Then she makes a second appearance much later in the anime as a force to be reckoned with and busts the bad-ass meter into a million pieces. This time, decked out with an awesome mask and a metal arm that gives her a mysterious vibe that makes her all the more interesting. I think I fell in love during that scene.

7. Ibuki (Street Fighter/Video Game)

This adorable school-girl ninja has an incredible nostalgic value to me. She is the very first character I ever used when I decided to get into fighting games in general. She opened my eyes to a new world of gaming, and as I mastered her moveset, I started to really fascinate over agile, ninja girls. Her distinguishing feature, however, is her long and spiky hair style. I didn’t think that it would have such a big impression on me, but having blade-like spikes fashioned out of your hair turned out to be something I really like.  She also has a pet raccoon that just adds to her “kawaii” factor. She’s a bundle of energy and youthful excitement that I’d definitely enjoy the company of.

6. Stella Nox Fleuret (Final Fantasy XV)

While this character doesn’t have much “fantasy” to her, she has something very important to me. She is my cosplay soul mate.  My dream cosplay that I personaly want to do is Noctis from the very same game, and Stella is his beautiful, elegant, star-crossed lover.  She’s extremely polite, humble, and proper, but also seriously knows how to fight. She would be higher on the list if I knew more about her, but all I know is that I’ve liked everything I’ve seen about her so far, and that if I see her in the halls of a convention while I’m cosplaying Noctis, then you better expect some impromptu romance.

5. Asuna (Sword Art Online/Anime)

This is the only cosplay on the list that I’ve actually seen…and I’m sure most of you have as well. Asuna has quickly become one of the most popular characters to cosplay simply because the anime was the most popular one of it’s year and the Kirito/Asuna couple is one of the most fan-adored relationships in anime, myself included. There’s a simple reason for this. Asuna has a very sincere and loving personality that is expressed very strongly. The love that she has for Kirito is a very “real” love that many anime fans truly crave in real life. Her red and white outfit also looks very beautiful and it catches your eye very easily. The hardest part with Asuna cosplayers is that most of them already have a “Kirito” in their life, and I’m not about to become a home-wrecker.

4. Tamiyo (Magic/Card Game)

You may have second guesses on this one, but I have no qualms about a girl dressing up as a “moonfolk” and walking around acting like one of my favorite planeswalkers from the Magic storyline. She lives for the pursuit of knowledge, and intelligence can do a lot to make a girl attractive. In the fiction, she’s not human, so it’s a tough transition to imagine an actual romance, but nerd conventions aren’t where you want to be if you’re looking for a “normal” atmosphere. Also, she may be replaced by Kiora who is a newly revealed planeswalker as of yesterday, but I need to know more about her first.

3. Nariko (Heavenly Sword/Video Game)

I can not stop gawking at that hair. It’s vibrant, crimson colors are almost hypnotic. I love her tribal outfit and design, and her transforming blade only adds to her dangerously beautiful appeal. Nariko is a brutal character, almost rivaling Kratos as a rage-driven force of nature. But she’s also elegant with a lot of graceful poise that adds much more of a feminine charm. She might have the weakest personality on the list, only because you only see her at a period in her life where she’s entirely focused on revenge, but her determination and non-stop effort work in her favor.

2. Selvaria Bles (Valkyria Chronicles/Video Game)

Selvaria is probably my favorite female character in any RPG. She’s a tragic anti-hero that blindly follows her master simply because he’s the first one to ever show her sympathy, despite his growing up to be a selfish, cruel tyrant.  She has an entrancingly beautiful power because of her extremely rare Valkyrian blood that turns her into a devastating fighter where she glows with a brilliant blue flame. Her personality has the perfect mix of reserved and compassionate that I really gravitate towards. I also really like her outfit with it’s victorian/military style and black and red colors. The game is so obscure at this point that I don’t think I’ll ever see this cosplay in person.

1. Viola (Soul Calibur/Video Game)

While Ibuki was the catalyst that got me into fighting games, Viola became the shining diamond of my fighting game characters. I put more hours into mastering her than almost every other fighter combined. I love everything about her. She has my aforementioned favorite combination of silver hair and red eyes. Her personality is mysterious and introverted. She fights as if she’s dancing gracefully and effortlessly on the battlefield, and her weapon of choice is a glowing crystal ball and a clawed hand. Her outfit is an amazingly detailed victorian dress that would take considerable effort to recreate in real life. If I ever see a Viola at a convention, I promise to drop down in front of her, and everyone, and ask her to marry me.

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been selfish enough to expound my opinion on ten different characters, but I want to know what cosplays would make you have a swooning fit? Comment below please!!!!


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Cosplays I Would Propose To

    • Wow! That’s an amazing Tamiyo!! I am a frequent Deviant Art visitor as well so I’m surprised I didn’t come across that! Thank you for the link! Ahh, Otakon, that’s my Maryland right? My mom lives up there so I plan on going to a con around there during a family visit!

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