Love-a-holic’s Anonymous (Poem)


Art by Guillembe

It all started, when I dropped her off at the airport,

and realized I missed her more than I prepared for.

Therefore, once she came back, I started noticing

that I had fallen for this girl completely and hopelessly.

I loved how it progressed.  Everyday I seemed a mess.

Everyone I talked to amplified my stress.

It was euphoric how this girl could put my mind to rest.

No such thing as depressed.  She strengthens the beating heart in my chest.

My infatuation rose.  Her every quality showed

one of the nicest, and most enticing women I’ve ever known.

Her every thought is interesting.

Her beauty is unrelenting

Her eyes visually arresting.

All of this I’m confessing.

Now the situations tempting.  This jealousy envelops me.

I fake smiles as she tells me how her dating is developing.

And as she tells me about this other guy, I see her so elated.

I just couldn’t bring myself to say that I truly hate it.

I tell myself he stole her, but I never had her.

I waited and debated when I should’ve just acted.

Patience isn’t a virtue. It hurts you.  Love will desert you.

It gets into your head and disturbs you.

What do I do when the girl I like is on the other side of my wall,

and I can’t even express it at all.

And when she brings someone home it’s like a shock to my dome,

and my brain maintains pain until they go home.

Am I obsessing?  I don’t know.  I don’t care

All I know is I want her.  Right now.  She’s right there.

Right in front of me, lying down singing lovely songs.

I can’t keep my eyes off her.  This can’t be wrong.

This trance of longing is intoxicating. It’s much too strong.

And I’ve felt it much too long.

Am I falling for her or falling forward?

Would telling her cause joy or horror?

I have no clue.  I’ve been so lost for many days

under many different mind sets.  Most of it’s in a haze.

There’s no conclusion.  I’m still stuck in confusion.

My fears and thoughts in a harmonious infusion.

All I’m trying to say, in an overly elaborate way,

is that she’s one of the most amazing women I’ve met to this day.


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