Pain is Progress (Poem)


Artwork by AquaSixio

It doesn’t hurt if my guts spill or my blood splatters

I care about the pain that really matters:

When the heart staggers.

I need struggle.

The tug of war between good and evil.

It’s what builds me up from otherwise being feeble.

It builds perspective.

It makes you protective

of the things that you cherish.

It makes their perish effective.

I am convinced

That the corruption of innocence

is, in a sense,

the first event that leads to our own relevance.

Our meaning of life is not felt until it’s threatened by death

No sense of purpose until we run out of breath.

And then it happens:

The one thing that encapsulates the perfect human pattern.

Like the rings around Saturn,

Revolving ever in tandem

With all the planets afar.

That’s what we are.

We are the essence of stars

A matter that doesn’t matter till we break it apart,

just to restart.

Like a kid with a broken heart,

crying in the midst of the dark,

decides to not give up, but live up to his dreams

and he starts to rise.

Flames start burning from the depths of his eyes.

His tears melt the chains pulling him towards his demise.

This is the light that’s born when your soul almost fades to black,

right before the point of not coming back.

And then the light glows.

It overloads to the point it explodes

into a supernova magically forming the globes

that dot the sky in the birth of a new galaxy.

What is the point of this catastrophe?

Is there a beauty in this cataclysmic tragedy?

It’s because this multifaceted agony

is what you have to see.

to glimpse the majesty that is humanity.

It gradually turned me into a nihilist

awaiting our annihilation as an optimist engulfed in silence.

Because only love could be born from such a violence.

A dark romance. That is my guidance.

What is a lover to me?

She is my muse.

A form of inspiration I’ll never lose.

And I will choose

any form of abuse

just to prove,

as I stand broken, battered and bruised,

that I’ll deny any fate that doesn’t lead me to you.

It’s all for true love. Everything I suffered through

was all to turn myself into the man that fell in love with you.


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