Portrait of Life (Poem)

The Journey Begins

Art by Daniel Lieske

When I was young I held my first paper and crayon.

Then I drew a picture that I spent the whole day on.

Little curls and colorful shapes littered my landscape.

Little bubbles with scribbles in them stood for what mom and dad say. Continue reading

Steins; Gate Movie (Review)

It fulfills the wish of every Steins; Gate fan wanting to go back in time and relive the wonder of the anime.

I have a feeling that the creators of this anime have an actual “time leap” machine and have released and edited this movie over and over until it became the masterpiece that you see before you. Continue reading

Top Ten Cosplays I Would Propose To

Fictional characters don’t exist. They aren’t real. That hot rogue that you interact with in your favorite RPG is nothing more than a construct of numbers and polygons. That is, until you’re walking through the halls of a convention and you see a person cosplaying that very same character. Conventions are always one of the biggest highlights of my life. It’s a celebration of all things nerdy or fictional where no one has to be ashamed of what they love. Chief among the many things to look for at a convention are cosplays. This list contains the top ten cosplays that would make me abandon all sense of composure and drop to my knee and ask for their hand in marriage. Continue reading

Rhythm Games Still Keep the Beat


There has long been a magnificent feeling you get when the melodies of a game soundtrack blend and weave into a video game to create an entrancing and addictive style of gameplay. Rhythm games are in an odd situation of being considered a niche genre, when ironically, they have a near-universal appeal. At no time was this more apparent than during the incredible years when “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” were close to becoming the biggest games in the industry. Continue reading